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Let’s Play Among Us

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Among Us is a video game on iOS and Android (and PC) where, out of 10 members on a spaceship, most are crewmates but some are imposters trying to kill the crewmates and sabotage the ship. It’s free to download and we can do private games that someone more savvy about gaming can explain. 

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I've been playing buzzed while at a table of coworkers at happy hour....it's a great party game :ols: 


my strategy is to not do any tasks.....I'll just creepily follow a girl around the game and when they inevitably ask why I'm following them, I claim that I am the official task monitor and they're doing a great job at all the tasks. Whenever someone is killed, I will claim 'I was watching Amber take out the trash, she's doing great! It's not us'....works every time.

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So are you guys hanging out on a call, or just playing silently on the app? I have some friends that play on Wednesday nights, and I have to say being able to compare notes and shoot the **** between games definitely adds to the fun.

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