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Guess the mugshot!

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For you entertainment I bring you a game of Guess the Mugshot!  Six mugshots numbered 1 to 6 are shown below.  Also listed are six offenses from A to F.  Match the criminal to their crime.  Fun for the whole family!


1.  CLEM-RAMSEY-mugshot-45787162.jpeg.400x80


2. LAYNE-CHADWELL-mugshot-43726983.jpeg.400


3. SHANIKA-BENNETT-mugshot-46636664-hidden-


4. STEVEN-MINKS-mugshot-45174845.jpeg.400x8


5. KAREN-NICKERSON-mugshot-43902240.jpeg.40


6. DERRICK-JONES-mugshot-43495992.jpeg.400x





A.  Vehicular manslaughter


B.  Cultivating marijuana and operating a drug factory


C.  Sexual solicitation of a minor


D.  First degree wanton endangerment for firing a handgun


E.  Public intoxication and resisting arrest


F.  Child and animal neglect

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1. Dan Bongino



2. Owen Wilson



3. Troy Palomaulo really let himself go after retiring.



4. Chester Bennington, Linkin Park frontman



5. Melania Trump in 2022



6. Melania Trump's next husband



What? Oh, sorry. Wrong guessing game.

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