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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at New York Football Team

Message added by TK,

Yes I know FOX is running ads for the final debate like it's a Pay Per View but keep the politics OUT of here. 


Or you'll be out of here. :) 

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Nice off schedule play by Allen, there.  If Wright comes back to the ball, it’s 1st and goal...but he wanted the touchdown.


Edit: Inman.  Can’t keep up with all the new guys.

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That was ugly and unimaginative. Really hate we didnt get 6 there. Long drive with great conversions on multiple 3rd and longs and drop a dud in the RZ. Shocked we didnt dial anything up for Allen to use his feet at all down there

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We have a roster full of QB's who just want to throw the ball 5 yards or less.  


The way the refs have been calling the game, I am not sure how THAT wasn't PI on that 3rd down.  Defender blatantly bodies up the WR before the ball is there.  

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What an awful play by that wide receiver. He should have kept moving back toward the ball. That’s what happens when you have a bunch of nobodies who is your wide receiver, with the exception of McLaurin of course.

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3 minutes ago, Riggo#44 said:


I hope Rivera takes that page from the playbook and burns it.

When the internet fails.  

there’s a scene from necessary roughness where the coach pulls the play out of a playbook.  And I can’t find it.  Makes my heart sad. 

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