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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at New York Football Team

Message added by TK,

Yes I know FOX is running ads for the final debate like it's a Pay Per View but keep the politics OUT of here. 


Or you'll be out of here. :) 

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44 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

It’s really too early to know what’s going to happen in the draft.  

Also, the other team which plays in New Jersey almost has a stranglehold on the #1 #1. 

Theure 10 point dogs to Miami.  Not KC. Or Baltimore. Or Seattle.  MIAMI.  

The people who make money and build big building in the desert think the Jets are Historically Bad.  

The WFT and the Giants are just normal bad. 


The Dolphins are 2-3 this year.  They are not historically bad either, and they're the home team. 

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10 minutes ago, Thinking Skins said:

I made a joke about Hemmingway being the second most productive TE and sure enough Baugh is inactive today instead of him. I was hoping it'd be Sprinkle inactive. 

Wasn’t Baugh one of the sick players?

3 minutes ago, Simmsy said:

Who was that TE we had last year with the long hair? I think his name started with an "H"?

Hale Hentges

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56 minutes ago, NickyJ said:

Welcome back Scherff and Charles. I've got a much better feeling about today with them in.

Came here to say this exactly. i like the beef upfront (hope Charles get the start, eager to see what he had) to give Allen to work. 


As usual, no injuries. but i think we get this W if the d-line lives in Jones' lap.


Unfortunate that we're having thoughts of the draft this early, but we need this win as a team, and we cant give hope to an 0-5 team.

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