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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs LA Football Team

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Just now, spjunkies said:


Pretty much where I stand, this feels pretty gross.

Feels inspiring to me, but to each their own. I respect Alex Smith enough to respect the fact that he wants to play and thinks he can. I’m not arrogant enough to think I know better even if it makes me nervous, he knows the risks (not saying you’re arrogant for being worried, but “gross” is a bit much imo)

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1 minute ago, abdcskins said:


He wouldn't have been active? I guess not yeah. Teams don't usually carry 3 QBs on gameday?

I don’t know about normally, but they said early in the week he wouldn’t even be dressed 

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Just now, Yng Lady88 said:

unreal the turn of events for this team at QB in that past 2 weeks. heir (meh) to the franchise benched, backup doesnt complete a game, and Smith gets his return. 

Just a week man.  

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