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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs LA Football Team

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That was so ugly. We had 2-3 LBs/dliners keyed in on one TE and not one took a step toward Goff and his tall lanky ass runs it right in with no one within 5 yards. McVay/KOC are having fun today. I would too

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he wouldn't have made a difference but there was no excuse for Bostic to freeze on that even if the announcers pointed it out


Goff would have had to dislocate his entire body to turn to make that throw

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1 minute ago, Warhead36 said:

Jonathan Allen is so overrated. He talks a lot of leadership stuff but is invisible again.


Great leader. Really sound technique. Smart player. But his physical limitations and lack of explosion shows itself often unfortunately, especially when pass rushing. 

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Just now, Redd said:

We making the Rams look like it's 2 years ago.

They have looked great all year excerpt last week. Think they got drunk the night before. 

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1 minute ago, KDawg said:

Bostic sat in an empty zone and watched Goff run in. 


If only someone... anyone... on this forum has been advocating for addressing the LB position nearly every offseason...


Anyone know a guy that's been doing that?


Baked Tater? :)

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