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Wow..... Soon, I will be a 20 year veteran on this board.

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11 hours ago, tshile said:

Does post count even work? Mines been broken for what seems like forever. I figured it was broken for everyone 


Tailgate posts aren't counted anymore, only stadium.


Think they stopped counting them first then took them out the total we see all together.


I'm sure its jus a setting and backend can see our actual post counts.

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Before I joined in '05, as another Gibbsennial, talking to a human on the internet was all about chat rooms and pedos (what's up with you guys that joined before that?, Lol)  And then I came here and I met some cat called MajorHarris, the very first person I ever talked to online, and I knew I was right 😉.  Miss that guy.  There have been some real characters over the years.

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19 hours ago, Doug near DC said:

Looks like my submit button dosent have much wear. I'm good to go for a while.



i loved starting my es reading today with a thread/post like this


i admire your endurance and wonder if your (perhaps related) choice in keeping it mainly observational suggests an exceptional level of intelligence and maturity :P


stay sharp, doug near dc :) 

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16 hours ago, NoCalMike said:



I wish I knew what some of the OG's were up to these days.  I tailgated and partied with a bunch of the old-school members when I was still flying around to various road games


I'm pretty sure Art was one of the guys arrested for plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor.

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Before coming to ES I mostly spent time on pro wrestling and video game boards, and the IMDB boards. Also this incredibly immature sort of slapstick site called Newgrounds.


That was basically it from like 8th to 12th grade, stalking those sites in Computer Lab, or homeroom in 12th where you get those throwaway classes that just let you chill and sit and the computer and you got an A, so long as you weren't skipping or trying to watch porn.


Always had to hit up Redskins.com/ES/WaPo for the latest gossip.

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I guess I signed up on ES in 2003, but I was pretty active at the WAPO message boards at the time, hanging with folks like Jumbo and Zoony and others.  (I think I was one of if not the youngest regular member there whenever I joined) and didn't hang out here regularly until Gibbs II and decided to stick around and spend a lot of time in the tailgate chatting, lol.  I left maybe the last year or so of Gibbs and came back when the fans started revolting at the end of Zorn and Vinny's time here and I've been here since then I think.  

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On 10/8/2020 at 2:36 PM, Riggo-toni said:

Now I feel like a newbie at only 18+...

Probably 99% of people on here now don't know that it was a surgeon who started and ran this board.

Good ol Blade. 18+ for me as well here.


DH started the site though didn’t he?

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