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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Baltimore Football Team

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2 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

They called this game today like it was preseason

I disagree. I think they're trying to play to our strengths. We have pass catching backs and they work well to balance a pass rush. We didn't really play too many deep balls (I wish we had some more but not many). Now we've got the deep ball to TMac off the int. This is how you build a QBs confidence. Not with 50-50deep balls but with safe throws to build the QBs confidence. The problem is he spent 10+ games in the Alex Smith territory and not enough time in the Jeff George territory. 

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Just now, XxSpearheadxX said:

not enough of a step for it not to be an open competition. I agree when you take a step back and watch development he surely has gotten better. But to act like he has the right to grab the reins and no one else can try to claim them is nuts. 



I still think he should have full time until half way unless he doesn't build, but he is not building at the speed his draft capital predicted so he doesn't get all of that capital invested into his development. 


**** me mclaurin you the man that was a great throw! 


Now maybe haskins can make the screens and dumpoff throws that allow those throws to happen more regularly! 

 A lot of football to be evaluated from today. I think we waste some of our energy on the QB sometimes. He responded decently to the pressure he was under today, but we obviously need better.

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