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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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Just now, httr2020dynasty said:


Last time he said he doesn't want to risk injury. Kind of an odd theory.

very. and it feels weak to me. people are going to get hurt, so that prevents you from trying to win? i dont like it if that's what he's going to stick with.

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Just now, Dan T. said:

Call a ****ing timeout. At least pretend your team has a chance. 


I think Rivera knows how weak the offense is, and that this year is a rebuilding year. We're down by two scores with a minute left. We have no chance of victory. 


Why extend the game and risk injury if there no chance of winning? 

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Rivera quit. Again.  A quiter. I'm done with him. He's like gruden.   Could have had the ball with over 3 mins left down 2 TDs vs 1 mins.


I don't care if we had no chance to win. We could have sent the message that we play until the end!!




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