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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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What is discouraging about watching Haskins in this game is not the downfield INTs.  Those I half expect a young inexperienced QB to make when D-coordinators are trying to confuse them.  It's these short very simple passes that he over throws.  No pressure on him, and he just throws a simple screen pass 2 yards over the RB's head leading to another almost INT.   Watching the replay, his mechanics are just so bad the way he brings  his feet together and has zero leverage to direct the ball into the player's chest.   I understand why that happens when you are under pressure, but he had a clean pocket.

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Just now, Rogue Jedi said:

Outside of Terry, this offense lacks talent at every position. QB, O-Line, RB, TE and the rest of the WRs


I think Wright is a good depth receiver. AGG could develop into a depth guy, too. We're missing a slot, a 2, a TE, a QB, a LT, LG, maybe RG and RT... and backs that can create. So... I agree :ols:

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Just now, Playaction2Sanders said:

They seem to trust this Wright kid they are giving it to him so much, and we're not hearing a peep out of AGG..

AAG has had 1 target & 1 run for 22 yards where he nearly had his chest caved in on a hit.  

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1 minute ago, justice98 said:

Turner has just given up running the ball. Seven carries, 2 are to WRs.  Who could have predicted not having a legit RB would be a problem?  


Partly because our OL is incapable of run blocking. They get stonewalled every single time.

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