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2023 Wheel of Horrors Thread (Earthquakes, Train Crashes and more...)


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The Pacific Northwest Is in the Midst of a ‘Cascading Hazard’


Things are a deadly, dangerous mess in the Pacific Northwest right now. An atmospheric river dumped rain across the region over the weekend, prompting widespread flooding and mudslides. Much of the damage occurred in places still trying to recover from a devastating wildfire season this summer, showing how climate change can compound disasters.




In British Columbia, around 275 people, including 50 children, had to be rescued off of flooded highways near Vancouver on Monday after they became trapped Sunday evening by a deluge of water, rocks, and mud. At one point on Tuesday, every major road out of Vancouver to the rest of Canada was closed.


About 7,000 people in the town of Merritt, British Columbia, were ordered to evacuate Monday due to flooding and after the wastewater treatment system failed. This is the second time in less than six months that the town of Merritt was under an evacuation order. In August, residents were placed under an evacuation order as two wildfires raged nearby. The wildfire flames have long since been put out, but they’ve left an imprint on the land that’s making the flooding worse.


Wildfires burn off an important layer of vegetation that, Brent Ward, a professor of earth sciences at Simon Fraser University and co-director of the Center for Natural Hazards Research, said “captures some of the rain and can slow it down before it gets into soil.”


Wildfires can also change how the soil interacts with rainfall. “When the organic layer in the upper part of the soil burns, it creates these organic compounds that travel into the upper part of the mineral soil and kind of precipitate,” Ward said. “It’s this waxy substance, and it makes that impervious to water—we call that hydrophobic. The water, instead of kind of centering down into the soil, it can’t go anywhere. It runs off, and runs down the slope, and hits a sort of steeper slope, and it erodes a lot. The sediment that’s eroding is often enough to generate a debris flow.”


Click on the link for the full article

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Spain orders 30,000 people to seal themselves indoors as volcano spews toxic gas


Spain on Monday ordered more than 30,000 people to remain indoors on La Palma island because of toxic gases from a volcano that has been erupting for months. After several days of low-level activity, the Cumbre Viejo suddenly sprang to life on Sunday with several explosions sending a vast cloud of ash and smoke into the sky.




The regional government of Spain's Canary Islands, which lie off Africa's northwest coast, ordered residents of three municipalities to lockdown owing to high levels of sulfur dioxide in the air.


The three municipalities are home to roughly 33,000 people, or 38% of the population of the island, according to national statistics institute INE.

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Man who abused 100 bodies in UK mortuaries sentenced to life


A double murderer who sexually abused more than 100 corpses in hospital mortuaries was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison.


David Fuller, 67, admitted during his trial last month that he murdered two women in separate attacks in 1987. Prosecutors said he had sexually assaulted the two women after killing them.


Police searches of Fuller’s home in connection with the murders uncovered millions of images of sexual abuse, including video recordings of him abusing bodies over 12 years at two hospitals in southeast England.


Fuller filmed himself carrying out the attacks on at least 102 bodies in mortuaries inside the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and the Tunbridge Wells Hospital, in Pembury, where he had worked as an electrician since 1989. Identified victims included three children and others older than 85.


He evaded justice for decades and was arrested for murder in December 2020, following new analysis of decades-old DNA evidence.


Handing down the life sentence, Justice Bobbie Cheema-Grubb told Fuller he was a vulture "picking your victims from among the dead.”


“The depravity of what you did reveals that your conscience is seared," she said.


Click on the link for the full article


Reminds me of this (NSFW):



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58-year-old man crushed to death inside garbage truck


A 58-year-old man was alive when he was crushed to death by a garbage truck Thursday morning. His remains were discovered at the Waste Management facility in Springfield, Illinois.


The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office identified the man as Lee Roy Stewart.


People in the community say while they didn’t know Stewart well, no one deserves to die the way he did.


Click on the link for the full article

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Enraged monkeys kill 250 DOGS by dragging them to the top of buildings and dropping them off 'out of revenge' after pups killed one of their infants in Indian village


Enraged monkeys have killed 250 dogs in an Indian district by dragging them to the top of buildings and trees and dropping them.


Panic-stricken residents have also come under attack and say the acts of animal violence have been carried out 'in revenge' after a pack of dogs killed one of the monkeys' infants.


The horrific incidents have been reported in the villages of Majalgaon, where 250 dogs are said to have been killed by rampaging primates, and nearby Lavul in Maharashtra’s Beed district.

According to India's News18 website, 'not a single pup' is left in Lavul where even school children are being chased and attacked.




Click on the link for the full article

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Overnight Bangladesh ferry inferno kills dozens, injures scores more. Many passengers jumped off, swam ashore.


A massive fire swept through a crowded river ferry in southern Bangladesh early Friday, leaving at least 39 people dead and 72 injured, as passengers jumped off the vessel and swam in cold waters to shore, officials said.


The blaze broke out around 3 a.m. on the MV Avijan-10, which was carrying 800 passengers off the coast of Jhalokati district on the Sugandha River, they said.


Fire officer Kamal Uddin Bhuiyan, who led the rescue operation, said the fire may have started in the engine room. He said 15 fire engines took nearly two hours to control the blaze.




Click on the link for the full article

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Apparently now we have zombie sharks:


Zombie shark still hunting for prey despite being ‘half eaten’ during savage battle in jaw-dropping clip


THIS is the astonishing moment a researcher spotted a shark that was still hunting for its prey - despite being “half eaten".


The scientist, who was releasing an oceanic black tip shark into the sea, was stunned as he saw the injured beast mauled in a cannibalistic attack.




Click on the link for the full article and video


And more...


Incredible photo shows huge 15ft great white shark with massive BITE MARK on its body


Jalil Najafov, 40, was diving in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, when he made the rare discovery.


The shark can be seen swimming in the ocean with jagged puncture marks stretching the width of two of its fins.


It is not clear how or when the fish was bitten - but the result is a huge, bloodless, circular scar.


Jalil, who is originally from Azerbaijan, said: “I was really surprised as I have never seen anything like this in my life.


“This bite mark was so huge on a big shark, and I was like, is that real?


“I have worked with sharks for many years and have never seen such a big scar before!"






“After I sent this image to Dr Tristan Guttridge, he ruled out mating.


“I also sent it to Michael Domeier who also felt it was an attack from another shark.


Click on the link for the full article


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'2021 is pulling out all the tricks': Fish rain from the sky in rare phenomenon in Texas


As 2021 comes to a close, a city in Texas had one last unexpected event: raining fish. 

Residents in Texarkana, almost 200 miles from Dallas, saw fish fall from the sky and land in their yards or sidewalks, KXXV reported. 

"2021 is pulling out all the tricks … including raining fish in Texarkana today. And no, this isn’t a joke," the city of Texarkana wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday. 

The city said raining fish is a phenomenon called "animal rain" that happens when small water animals such as frogs, crabs or small fish are swept into waterspouts. 




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  • China changed the title to 2022 Wheel of Horrors Thread (Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Covid surge and more to come...)

11-alarm fire destroys Passaic chemical plant; nearby residents evacuated


An 11-alarm fire destroyed a chemical plant in the city of Passaic on Friday night.

The first started inside of Qualco Inc. on Canal Street around 9 p.m. The company makes chemicals used to treat pools and spas, according to its website. Bright orange flames and thick black smoke could be seen pouring out of the building.

As of 11:52 p.m., Passaic Mayor Hector Lora said the fire had impacted about 100,000 pounds of finished chlorine pellets - whether by heat, flames or water. The mayor said firefighters had been able to contain the fire away from the main chlorine plant structure, which was the main concern. Lora said that if the fire breached the main chlorine structure, mass evacuations could be needed.

Lora said late Friday that firefighters had made progress battling the fire but that it was far from being under control. He expected firefighters to continue working through the night and into the morning.



Click on the link for the full article

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Animal Sacrifice Sees Drunk Priest Allegedly Behead Man Instead of Goat


A drunk priest in India allegedly killed a man during an animal sacrifice for Sankranthi celebrations on Sunday (January 16.)


Local news outlets reported that the incident happened by mistake. The victim, a 35-year-old man named Suresh, was holding the goat meant for sacrifice in Valasapalli village, in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.


The accused, named Chalapathi, was supposed to carry out the animal sacrifice and cut off the goat's head.


However, the priest ended up using the knife to cut the throat of Suresh instead. Several local reports said the victim was beheaded.


The United News of India (UNI) news agency reported that Suresh left behind his wife and two children.


According to UNI, the sacrifice happened as part of the animal festival Kanuma, also known as Pasuvula Panduga, which happens on the third day of the Sankranthi in Andhra Pradesh.


It was organized at the local Yellamma temple, dedicated to the patron goddess of Andhra Pradesh.


Local reports said that according to the police, Chalapathi was drunk at the time of the sacrifice and missed his target.


Click on the link for the full article

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'Pastor' arrested after disabled people found locked in his basement


A self-styled pastor and his wife have been arrested for allegedly keeping eight disabled people locked in the basement of their home.


Police say Curtis Keith Bankston, 55, and his wife operated an unlicensed care facility at a property in Griffin, near Atlanta, Georgia.


Investigators say the pair controlled the finances of the victims, and sometimes withheld medical care.


Paramedics responded to a report of a patient having a seizure on 13 January.


After finding a door to the basement dead-bolted, emergency crews notified police, a police statement said.


Officers said they discovered eight physically or mentally disabled people-aged between 25 and 65-were locked in at certain times by Mr Bankston and his wife, Sophia Simm Bankston.


An investigation revealed the couple had been leasing the property for about 14 months and using it as a "personal care home" for the individuals, which police allege "essentially imprisoned them against their will".


Additionally, officers said they discovered Curtis Bankston was operating the facility under the guise of a church and claimed to be a pastor.


Both he and Ms Simm Bankston have been charged with false imprisonment.


Click on the link for the full article

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‘Divine intervention’: Maine man carrying own severed arm is saved


A man who stumbled along a street while carrying his own severed arm was saved by two public workers who saw him and happened to be trained in the use of tourniquets, authorities in Maine said.


“It had to be divine intervention because two of my best guys just happened to be there sanding sidewalks,” said Mary Ann Brenchick, director of Lewiston Public Works. “It couldn’t have been better guys for this kind of situation.”


Witnesses said the man’s arm was cut off Friday near the shoulder, apparently in a workplace accident, the Sun Journal reported.


The members of the public works crew applied a tourniquet while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, according to Lewiston Police Lt. Derek St. Laurent.


Investigators followed a trail of blood back to a business where several people said the man had been operating a band saw. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was alerted.


Click on the link for the full article



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Another day, another beheading...


British man BEHEADED with sickle and another fighting for life in Thailand knife rampage


The man - in his 40s and originally from Somerset - was reportedly drinking beer and playing loud music with another British man at around 3am in the early hours of this morning. At some point, a local Thai man is said to have confronted them about the amount of noise they were making where they were staying in the town of Kanchanaburi, in the southwest of the country.


At some point, a fight ensued between the three - leaving one Briton dead with severe knife wounds to his neck, according to local reports.




The other Britons - a man in his 50s from Warwickshire - was left with critical injuries and is currently fighting for his life in hospital.


Thai Police are said to have arrested a 22-year-old Thai man in relation to the attack.


Local media reports say the suspect has a history of mental health problems.


Click on the link for the full article


Question, is the article title click-bait, and he wasn't really beheaded, or are "severe knife wounds to the neck" synonymous with decapitation?



Inquiring minds want to know.  Important distinction if you want to participate in the headless hunt.



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Chemical Plant Explosion Sends Mushroom Cloud Over Louisiana County


An explosion shook Westlake, Louisiana on Wednesday morning and sent a mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke into the sky, eyewitnesses say.


According to BNO News, the explosion happened around 10:45 a.m. at Westlake Chemical South, a chemical manufacturing plant. It is reported that multiple emergency services were responding to the scene.


Schools in the area were put on a precautionary shelter in place, and the Calcasieu Parish School Board said in a statement, "All students, faculty, and staff are safe."


The explosion occurred when a tank of Ethylene Dichloride exploded.



Click on the link for the full article

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6,000 urged to evacuate as North Carolina fertilizer plant fire threatens an ammonium nitrate explosion


A fire burning at a Winston-Salem, North Carolina, fertilizer plant Tuesday has forced emergency responders to urge the evacuation of about 6,000 people, including Wake Forest University students and more than 200 inmates from a nearby prison.


The potential for an ammonium nitrate explosion at the Winston Weaver Co. plant remained a top concern, fire officials said, as authorities scrambled to evacuate almost 2,500 homes within a mile of the blaze.

There were 600 tons of ammonium nitrate and 5,000 tons of finished fertilizer on the site, Winston-Salem Fire Chief Trey Mayo said. That compares with the 240 tons of ammonium nitrate at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 people in 2013. Winston-Salem is more densely populated than rural West, Texas.

"If that doesn't convey the gravity of this situation and how serious folks need to take it, I don't know how else to verbalize that," Mayo said.




Click on the link for the full article

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Rat Lungworm, a Brain-Infecting Parasitic Disease, Found in Invasive Treefrogs in Florida


A deadly parasite that causes rat lungworm disease has been discovered in invasive Cuban treefrogs in Florida.


Researchers at the University of Florida said they had found examples of the parasitic worm, Angiostrongylus cantonensis, in several Cuban treefrogs in a study published in Journal of Wildlife Diseases.


Sixteen Cuban treefrogs in Volusia County were examined and examples of the rat lungworm parasite were found. This is the first time it had been detected in the county.


Rat lungworm infects the brain and spinal cord of humans and can be fatal. It is found in rats, snails, slugs and other animals, including dogs, which can act as hosts for the parasite.


The disease can cause symptoms of eosinophilic meningitis causing severe headaches, vomiting, cranial nerve palsies and various other side effects. The disease can cause brain damage and blindness in human hosts.


Click on the link for the full article

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Moose attacks Iditarod rookie's sled team, injures 4 dogs


A large bull moose spent more than an hour stomping on the sled dog team of a rookie Iditarod musher in the wilds of Alaska last week — and the attack didn't end even after Bridgett Watkins emptied her gun into the animal.




She said on Facebook Friday that the moose, after seriously injuring four of her dogs, wouldn't leave and that the ordeal stopped only after she called friends for help and one showed up with a high powered rifle and killed the moose with one shot.




Click on the link for the full article

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  • China changed the title to 2023 Wheel of Horrors Thread (Earthquakes, Train Crashes and more...)

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