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Week 3: Prediction Thread: The Team goes to the Browns Dawg Pound

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I expect a similar start like the past 2 weeks.  Browns jump to a big lead before things tighten up.  There will be no comeback this week either

and it will not shock me if Dwayne gets benched at some point, if he's ineffective.


Browns 30

Team  10

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I haven't watched the Browns outisde of highlights this year but going by PFF grade their O-line (coached by Bill Callahan) seems to be the best line in the NFL so far this season. They got the 1st and 8th ranked Guards, the 4th ranked Center and their tackles are solid a 21st and 46th (the latter being first round rookie Wills - so probably a lot of potential for short-term improvement there as well). If they can negate our pass rush to some degree and give Baker some time and/or create nice rushing lanes in the running game we're in for a long day.

On the other side of the ball, every Browns D-line starter is ranked in the top 20 at their respective position with Myles Garrett and Ogunjobi being ranked 4th and 2nd respectively. So a tough matchup for our weakest position and thus for our offense in general. I just hope we see some improvement on the play-calling side.


If you want to win this game we have to make Baker Mayfield beat you by stopping the run. Not sure we'll get this done...


Browns 27

WFT 17



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The Browns have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, granted they haven't played to their potential but they stand to lose more than we do if they lose to the lowly WTF's in Cleveland. 


I think we get boat raced.


Browns - 27

Us - 10

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Im thinking the football team isn't as good as we hoped after the Eagles game and they aren't as bad as we fear after the Cardinals game... however I think the Browns are a better team than the Eagles right now.  Thus...


Brownies 28

Team TBD 24

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I'm not very afraid of the brownies. As good as their O looked last week, Their D got thrown around a good bit.


If we can establish any kind of O ourselves, I like us in this game. I think we will be able to pick up 4 sacks and cause some turnovers. I don't see us getting run over like the Bengals. Chubb and Hunt are not the most elusive runners, so horrific angles by Apke and Collins wont be a massive issue in this game. Browns are also primed for a letdown which we will take full advantage of.


We took some lumps, now its time to give some. I don't think we put then Browns six feet under, but we can do two or three . (Zombie Pun)



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Offense needs to put up at least 21 points for us to have a fighting chance in this game (or any for that matter). Our first half offense is abysmal in all facets of the game, they have to come out differently against Cleveland or it's another loss. 


Cleveland - 24

Washington - 17


The offense is bad folks, bottom 2 in the league bad. Defense has to play lights out with minimal mistakes, and we're still having too many issues in the secondary to keep teams consistently below 20 points. 

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