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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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Just now, dyst said:

I have no fault in the defense this game. The offense can’t sustain a damn drive or get points. Sure the defense could be better but man offense has not helped

The first drive was bad. After that they've been good. You can't expect anyone to shut down guys like Murray and Hopkins. Remember Murray gashed up the 49ers D last week in the 4th quarter and they were in the Super Bowl last year(based largely off their front seven which Murray embarrassed).

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1 minute ago, Rhazaghul said:

We really do.  Saying that will get you attacked by folks, but it is true.  Haskins seemingly has very little upside right now and may have maxed out.  Who knows, but I do not see a giant leap forward that puts him in the top 15 QBs any time soon.  I see a hit or miss grab bag of random performances.  A new QB is in our future...just a matter of how soon that future gets here.  

I'm about 80% there on Haskins.  I don't see the accuracy and touch.  I mean he just misses a WIDE OPEN Inman on a deep in.

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Right now I wish there was a better backup option than Allen.  Even if Allen ends up as the starter in a month, all that is going to show is how bad Haskins might be or just how far he is from his upside, but a Kyle Allen led team merely means this current roster gets a few more wins which in the big picture is likely not what they are hoping for due to the draft.  When the fanbase was still divided over RG3's potential and if he had more to give and get better, the final nail in the coffin for me was when Cousins came in and the offense looked totally different. Plays were happening as they were designed, production was happening, behind the same O-line, with the same role players etc etc....and no, this is not any kind of endorsement of Cousins, just to point out the fact that it was a major difference seeing an NFL caliber QB versus an athlete with a strong arm trying to play QB.


I wonder behind the scenes how close Alex Smith actually is from flirting with the idea of stepping on the field for a game?  I am not encouraging it at this point, I just have no clue what the realistic expectations of him every coming back on the field, for any team are. 


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1 minute ago, Warhead36 said:

I mean they might have called quick hitters but Haskins just didn't get the ball off or the OL got overwhelmed.


I'm just not seeing the issue with playcalling. There has been variety in run/pass and overall design and we are trying to get the ball out to guys in space that can make a play.


We're just severely lacking talent outside of McLaurin and Haskins just doesn't seem to process information or make decisions quickly enough.


Well, maybe the Cardinals D is pretty good. The 49ers scored just 20...Now, obviously, that's much better than what we achieved, but that team is supposed to have a good O.

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