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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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1 minute ago, skins4eva said:

League clearly sent the message out that they do not want 18 penalties a game. Last season was the high water mark. The refs have clearly been told to keep their flags in their pockets. I’m good with it. 


they've called 13 penalties this game and keeping the flags in the pocket gave the Cards a TD

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2 minutes ago, Capsman said:

Haskins has no business being in the same sentence as Cousins. Cousins as a rookie coming off the bench was far superior.  He has some choke in him for sure but was a much better passer.  


No he wasn’t and you know it, damn near played himself out of the league 

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Just now, Yng Lady88 said:

Haskins >> Terry should be it for the rest of the game. literally our only weapon and the only receiver Haskins can get the ball to/has chemistry with



The only time Haskins looks good is throwing inside the hashes on slants.  Problem is that defense will scheme that away and force outs.  Haskins hasn't shown he can throw outs in the NFL.  He was too inaccurate outside the numbers.

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4 minutes ago, Llevron said:

I do think Haskins atleast needs weapons to compete. He can’t make plays all by himself at this level he’s he couldn’t do it in college. 

Your argument is off. Haskins does not hit open receivers. That's his problem. Point blank. He is so inconsistent, its maddening. Pro QBs have to be accurate.

Look, I played WR and RB in my day. I'd be pissed right about now. I'd be thinking about how many times I would have been open only to see the ball sail or be out of reach because Haskins is worried about his feet or throwing motion or some ****. Just get me the ****ing ball bro! ****! Tired of you looking like you're ready in practice then you get out here with the dear in the head light play. Step it the **** up!!

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