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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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Defense gonna get exposed today....movie QB that the pass rush is not gonna get to, with weak secondary and linebackers. 

not to mention a sophomoric offense....gonna be a tough game to watch. Thankfully I have still regulated this new “football team” to my secondary Tv with red zone on the main tv 

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1 minute ago, Destino said:

This ugly start is because the offense went three and out again.  Can’t depend on defense to carry you every step of the way, offense needs to show up.  


Starts before that. Sims/Simms on that kick return hurt us.

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Just now, Mr. Sinister said:


Might wanna explore trades, honestly. This pass rush will be basically wasted while we work on the offensive side.


Said last week need to trade for a TE, I need to look into who.


Oh, Jesus, how is HE by himself?

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