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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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Also, lets correct ourselves on the defense.  WFT has a good D-line, mediocre linebackers, and an awful secondary sanz Landon Collins.  Labeling this unit a "good defense" is simply inaccurate.  They definitely have an eite D-line that you can build a defense around, but as a unit, they aren't there.

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Hey guys it’s not the quarterback or the offensive line that needs to be replaced. Its both.  I really thought this is who we are but Philly must be really bad. We are a bad team. This what we going to look like all year. 

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3 minutes ago, ClaytoAli said:

Still don’t blame him yet , blocking is atrocious. 

He...he fell down 7 yards behind the LOS when we were on the outside of FG range and we had to punt. That’s situational awareness, not the OL that time. He dumped in his trousers there

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Seeing that Ron is virtually in tryout mode. Haskins could be getting a preseason-ish type of look. IMO, four games is reasonable before you move on from him. I this continues, players will begin to question things. You don't want that. Haskin my be cool in the locker. He may even do well in practice. But his game time is absolutely atrocious. If our defense does not give him a short field, this offense might as well simulate 1 minute of offense and punt the ball.

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