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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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1 minute ago, Warhead36 said:

I dont mind the playcalling. We just dont have the personnel. 

eh. Second and 2 and we are running up the guy?  Not with this line and a rookie RB. Roll out Haskins. Let him see the field. Run a screen. 

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3 minutes ago, skins4eva said:

Can’t start games like this. Offense needs to be able to get first downs. Not loving the play calling or offensive design. That’s what we get for hiring turners son 

the problems I've seen have been execution not scheme

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You can’t make mistakes like this and win.  And I get this a rebuilding year.  

but this offense is absolutely horrific.


it starts with OL.  It’s almost hard to judge Haskins because he’s under immediate pressure.


The WRs are not dangerous and then if you start making mistakes....

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Just now, ggarriso said:

trashkins throwing a 2 yard pass into the dirt, he sucks so bad



not mad at Haskins on that one, pressure mistake. Shouldn’t be 14 down or unable to get 1 yard running. 

Oline strategy has to be used. TE blacking is needed.

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The excuses are already excessive. I don't expect Haskins to look like 2012 RGIII but you have to make simple 2 yard slants. His accuracy is terrible and that's about the most important thing in a QB along with vision.


I have never thought he was the guy and every game I feel more confident GRANTED he also has a trash offensive line and one above average weapon.

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

The playcalling isnt the issue. We literally have expansion team caliber talent across the board on offense. 

Starting at Quarterback.  They didn't keep a big bruiser RB and even if they did they dont have an offensive line.  No WR talent outside of McLarin.

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