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WFT vs. Cardinals, 09/20 2020: What Do You Want To See?

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Off of the success of week 1's "What do you want to see" thread, I'm going to try it again!  If this thread doesn't get traction, I'll stop posting them.  But I think the comments in last week's thread were really thoughtful overall.  


Last week, we had no idea what to expect.  We had seen no pre-season games, just glimpses of practice, and reports of this and that.   And then we saw a pretty outstanding defensive effort for 3 quarters, and some progress on offense. 


So, I ask thee, my fellow ExtremeSkins members, what's next ? Building off of last week's big win, what do you want to see. 


Side note: Say what you want, you have freedom of speech here.  However, the intent is not "a win" or some such extremely obvious comment.  Though, humorous or over-the-top answers will be given their due run. :)


I'll start with my big 3:


1.  I want to see what the defensive line can do against an entirely different challenge than the Eagles.  The Eagles had a beaten up OL (which got more beaten up during the game), and a QB who can extend plays, but is not looking to run.  The Cardinals do not have a great OL, but Kyler Murray is fast as a thief, will bail on the play and look to run or pass.  Also, the Cards have one of the best 1-2-3 combo at WR in the league. And their offense is a lot of quick-hit stuff near the LOS.  Which is meant to negate the pass rush.  So, I'm interested to see if they can contain Murray, keep him in the pocket, and get immediate pressure.  It's just an entirely different challenge.


2. I want to see growth from the offense.  Much more consistency, and I think that starts with the QB.  I thought Haskins did a good job executing the offense last week, in terms of getting people to the LOS, getting the plays off, not making mistakes, and making the throws he needed to make.  Now, it's time for a little more.  A little more accuracy, more consistency, and more production.  I'd like to see him get to 200 yards and 60% completion percentage.  This is a growth year for Haskins, so I'm not asking him to become Joe Montana.  I just want to see "better."  Keep the mistakes down, make a few more plays, and be more consistent with accuracy. 


3. I'm really interested to see how the offense as a whole progresses.  I would like to see more quick-game and up-tempo stuff, both of which worked last week.  Same as last week, I want to see a lot of "pass substitute for run" so we don't try and play smash mouth football with an OL which is suspect.  I want to see an evolution of the offense to feature more throws to the RBs, more variety, and more throws in general.  This somewhat relates to #2, but this is a growth year for Haskins. There's no harm in giving him 30-40 opportunities a game to throw the ball. The more opportunities he has, the more he's going to grow.


There are more (many more), but I'll start with those three.


So, what say you?  What would you like to see?

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- Continued dominating DLine play...make an undeniable case that the Eagles' injuries on their OLine were NOT the main reason our DLine looked so ferocious.

- Defense imits the amount of damage Murray does with his legs to far less than what he did last week.

- A stronger start offensively--a TD on the first drive would be excellent.

- No offensive or special teams turnovers, and to win the turnover battle.

- At least 2 or 3 offensive drives that are 6+ minutes long.

- Fewer 3-and-outs than the Cardinals.

- At least 3 runs that are longer than 12 yards.

- Defense having a 3rd down completion percentage of less than 35%

- Offensive yards per play over 5 yds; defensive yards per play allowed under 5 yards.

- No injuries that would keep anyone out of next week's game against the Browns.

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1- there isn't going to be a middle of the field for Murray. I want to see the LBers and secondary be able to really take advantage of that and pick on the WRs.


2- I want to see the long deep stuff taken away. Eagles were 1-1 on the only 2 deep passes they were able to get off. Darby needs to play better. I dont want to see Apke on an island again. Not this week against possibly the best WR trio in the league.


3- I want to see Gibson break one.




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As already mentioned, I would like to see a little more accuracy from Haskins. He did OK week one and even though he didn't have a lot of time he still made some good decisions and ran when he had to.


The run game was not good, 2.2 yards a carry IIRC, this has to improve.

Both of the above points bring me to the O-line. They were the weakest link and have to do better, another week of working together should help but they were poor.


The jewel in the crown; the D-line, more of the same please. I will never tire of watching them crush the QB and seeing old man Kerrigan hit that weird double-biceps pose. Eight sacks is the new normal, so I fully expect us to set a new NFL record with 128 for the season 😃.


The DBs started off slowly but got into it as the game went on. I'm not sure what changed but it seemed like Apke got some help? More games played equals better communication, this unit will be fine.


I didn't notice the linebackers much except for the designed blitzes (you see how they're done, Manusky!) and this is probably a bad sign. Others have commented that they were poor and I bow to their knowledge, so I would like to see them get more involved.


Apart from that, get a win, no injuries, etc, etc.



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OL...I really want to see someone step up and make me think we have a viable medium term player in the making that we aren’t expecting.


DL...I really want Chase to dominate, totally kill it.


Offense...I’ll take any kind of progress from week one. Just got to keep improving across the board.

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I'll be a bit more specific


1.) If we are gonna make poor Sims motion all the way across the field every other play, you gotta give him at least one sweep. It's not fair otherwise. Hope that guy has been getting his cardio this offseason.


2.) Anderson impact play. With our depth, I don't think you need Young and Sweat to log 70%+ of snaps. Anderson needs to give the coaches a reason to knock them down to 65%


3.) Better play from Christian and Martin. They don't have to be world beaters by any stretch, but I never want to see wacky-arm-waving-inflatable-tube-man while getting knocked into your QBs lap ever again. I cant believe our lineman did not log a pass batted down on his own QB for that play. This is an amazingly low bar so... yeah, make it happen.


Bonus- More brains for Zombie. Wentz was great, but we were lacking thumping on the back end of the D. I want to see Collins/Apke give somebody the business.


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After 1 Week, I'd like to see JDR out smart Kingsbury.  He saw what AZ does and knows which of his guys can do what he wants. 


I'd like to see Turner pull the Pampers off and party!  Start the game off fast and quit forcing runs up the gut on early downs like his predecessors (you cut AP knucklehead - Save '3 yard Barber' for the goal line)}.  Open up the field and let Haskins take whatever is there.  Let Him throw the hitch and slant to set up McLaurin's double move.  


I want to see Landon Collins have his best game.  He's the difference maker vs quick passing game and Murray scrambles.  They don't have the dual threat TE attack.  Collins is the key to flattening the curve vs AZ. 


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Not sure if I want to see this, but I'm wondering if Khaleke Hudson would be an effective spy on Kyler Murray. As the viper in Michigan's scheme, Hudson probably had some experience in this regard.

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Honestly I want to see Promise from the O. I think I've already given up on Christian, so I'm secretly hoping that Charles is written in for his first start and he does "OK," with some flashes of great. And I want ot see other potential begin to shine. From AGG doing something exciting, Haskins completely a few deep passes. and AG making some plays from both positions  A win would be nice, but if we have to lose I want to do it with style and flash

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For me, first priority by a mile is Haskins having a solid performance. I am confident our d line can replicate their success, not so sure about Haskins.  If he can just make the open throws, and step up to create a big play or two when needed, I'll be pumped.  


Also, am hoping our LB s prove to be better than many fear.  I am optimistic our guys will be solid for us this year, and that they can contain murray, but I'd like to see it for myself.


Improved play from the left side of our line. Afraid the ceiling is pretty low if they keep last week's play up.


I'd like to see opportunistic play from our dbs.  Moreland and moreau made two awesome plays last week.  Game changers.  I'd like to see our guys create turnovers again.  Our recent defenses didn't seem to close the deal on those types of plays, and those can take a middle of the road defense to elite.  


And of course no injuries and a win.



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Better TE coverage:  This has turned into an Achilles heel for our defense going back several seasons.  We got burned a couple of times last week before shutting the door with more physical play.  I hope this is a focus this week.


AG to let loose:  Gibson only played sparingly last week, but made the most of his touches.  I'd like to see his play count increase from 18 plays last week to closer to 30.  That means others around him must play better... namely the signal caller.  We cannot fall behind.  If we get an early lead look for AG to shine.


Haskins becomes more than manager:  I remain high on Haskins.  He doesn't make mistakes with turning the ball over.  Mind you, the LG constantly had pressure in Haskins' lap not allowing him to step into several pass attempts.  However, Haskins did miss some potential positive plays by having bad footwork at times.  I hope to see him settle down and put a few more passes in safe, catchable spots.


Defense plays chess:  While the focus will be on Murray and his escapability, Kenyan Drake could turn into a nightmare if the front 7 does not play under control, gap discipline football.  Draw plays and screens will get a lot of chances early in an attempt to stimy our blitz potential.   Our OLBs and DEs have to play under control and attack the ball... hard!  Also, we have to do better than last week with open field tackle opportunities. 


Specialists must be... well.. special:  Tress Way has been awesome and will continue to be.  In what may be a tight game Hopkins needs to be perfect on XPs and FGs or the pressure he may be feeling will turn into Maher coming off the practice squad to take his spot.  He should have short attempts aplenty tomorrow.  He just has to cash in.

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Last week I said I'd like to see creativity from the OC and a lot of movement and shifts and we got that, but it didn't work. 


I'm hoping we can slow it down and build a rhythm for Haskins and let him get on top of the momentum and ride the wave so to speak. 


We need to focus on containment and competence in the first half, because we are absolutely built to take over and dominate the second half of games.

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Build on last week in all aspects of the game. 


Wanna see the O-Line gel. Give Haskins time to see field and make throws. Also they need to open holes for the running game. 


Wanna see Haskins accuracy improve and increase his completion percentage.


Wanna see the D-Line pressure Murray into mistakes that our secondary and LBs can capitalize on.


No special teams mishaps. Hopkins needs to make his kicks and our returners need to give us positive yardage.


Most definitely wanna see a WIN!!! 


#GoTeamGo 😂

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Improved play from the offensive line. Particularly the left side.

Again, Haskins to throw for at least 60% with a 2/1 TD/Int or better.

A low bar, but a better running game than last week.

Contain Murray. Less than 50 yards rushing.

Apke to make a byg play,

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