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CNN Reporting that RBG Has Passed

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  • Corcaigh changed the title to CNN Reporting that RBG Has Passed

i  spent the last couple hours in peaceful distraction from everything and then decied to drop a music vid and saw this


same for me as what you've all said


the last few years have been like getting the wind knocked out of you again and again only it's not just your 'personal world', it's that plus the entire world around you and on all fronts too, seemingly....and you still have to get back up and go all out again...like she did



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More important than ever to take the Senate and then pick up seats in 2022. There’s increasing public support for constraining judicial review, adding seats, and introducing term limits. Let’s ****ing mourn tonight and fight tomorrow. 

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So I guess the thought process is that, even if Trump loses the election, he'd be president until at least January 20, so he would be able to get a SC Justice confirmed before then?


Is there any thought that you'd have a confirmation hearing even before the election?  Tough to imagine that...................

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