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WFT.com: President's Weekly Brief 9/15

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"...often brings out the 💩tiest aspects in all of us 😊. "



Our team president used a poop emoji lol...


Wright comes across as incredibly genuine and approachable. Definitely a breath of fresh air (am I the first one to say that? I feel like I am lol).


EDIT: I guess it was TK who used the poop emoji, not Wright lol...

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So many of us are so jaded that it feels like another new song and dance to distract us from the ineptitude of this franchise.... 


....but I'll be damned if this doesn't feel different. I appreciate the candor and the open manner in communication. Certainly is a far cry from the Prince of Darkness. 


More of this, please. 



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6 hours ago, skinsfan4128 said:

Like most of you, I  can't help but smile at the feeling of a properly run organization (though I remain cautiouslyoptimistic).  This felt good and refreshing. I genuinely like this hire and applaud his willingness to get personal with the fans. As another poster commented,  his transparency and being down to earth nature gave me a sense that this guy will do everything he possibly can to correct the issues that have plagued this organization for far too long.

 With that said, I  can't  help but think that that narcissistic piece of **** owner will ultimately **** this up somehow. I  hope I'm wrong.  But Danpoleon is gonna dan.

Let's hope that folks like Wright and Rivera can continue to build this type of goodwill and consistency that this organization has sorely lacked. All the while, Dan's stupid ass stays out of it for once.



I am convinced that one of the biggest positives when SM was hired was the cojones it gave Norv Gruden in 2015. The most negative thing was when he was let go is that Norv Gruden's cojones were removed.

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5 hours ago, KDawg said:

I like this guy.

I like Sonny. :) 

48 minutes ago, Califan007 said:

EDIT: I guess it was TK who used the poop emoji, not Wright lol...

Yeah if you hit the link, you'll see it's not censored on the team's site. 😱

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4 hours ago, kleese said:

He’s still there, so I won’t blame anyone for remaining skeptical, but I believe he’s effectively been neutered. 


I so very much want to believe that, but the guy just seems to find a way back to villainy whatever the circumstance.

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I really liked this, the deflated football dig was great too!  I am also amazed that he didn't use the poop emoji but just typed it out, pretty transparent IMO.  Will be interesting to see how this progresses throughout the season but I'm actually going to look forward to this transparency and I sincerely hope it lasts!

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3 hours ago, Mr. Sinister said:

Man this is a far cry from the last dude, who was basically a vampire towards the fans


5 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


Imagine if he used a Coor's Light emoji

Id dig it

He seems to have a great personality..the slight sarcasm the deflated fballs was funny  especially the swearing I can dig it

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Everything I've heard from this guy so far has been EXACTLY what you'd want to hear and more from a true team leader. So impressed. The unbelievably stark contrast between THIS and what was here the previous 20 years (especially the last 10) should make it clear to even the most synaptically challenged primate just how much of a difference true leadership can make. 


One thing I'm not impressed by is the use of that photo again. That photo got absolutely obliterated by comments on Twitter. Someone forcing it back in people's faces after that seems almost ... intentional. Sort of like an "FU, deal with it" response to those who reacted to it so negatively the first time it was posted. No idea who chose that photo to go along with this piece (have my suspicions), but snyder and his image shouldn't be anywhere near this team right now from a PR (as well as a moral and hopefully someday legal) perspective. The return of that photo is a red flag to me. Strong new hires. Same old weakness at the top.  

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