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Football Team vs Eagles Game Day Thread

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6 minutes ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

We’ve got Cardinals & Browns coming up. 

Mobile  QB with lots of weapons is gonna be a test for this DL against ARI, if he can get the ball out quick. But I think he did take a lot of sacks as a rookie.


Browns as the Browns but do also have a lot of weapons for Baker. He took some bad sacks today.

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Great win today... Great hanging in there in the game thread,,, usually this place is full of empty, or drunk angry people (myself inculded) for a LOOOOONG ass time. Congrats all ! This feels SOFA KING GOOD!!!!

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2 minutes ago, dc1 said:


This is/was their first run.    D.Hall was very "on edge of chair" the whole game...but I liked it. 


He gave nuance and detail from the defensive side and surprisingly, from the offensive side. 


Looking forward to the next games and hopefully wins.

For sure. I needed to know where the ball was a couple times. They would talk about the play but not where the ball was after the play.  DHall is the epitome of a defensive player. Always hyped. Just needs to stop yelling while Bram is calling the play.

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1 minute ago, Redd said:

Well, the Eagle fans at my job will probably avoid me tomorrow.  They always got stuff to say when I wear my teams cap that day.

Put an 8 ball on his desk.

Just like the number of sacks we got :D

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