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Football Team vs Eagles Game Day Thread

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27 minutes ago, Long Time Fan said:

New offensive system with a young QB.   They don't look good right now but first quarter of the first game with a non-traditional off season.  Too soon.  Unless you were being sarcastic.  

No I’m being serious. He makes Kirk Cousins look like Tom Brady LOL

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Eagles score again....the only reason it isn’t worse is because the eagles are not that good, wait until this team plays a good team! This new team is gonna be lucky to win a game all year. 

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Tried to tell folks that good DL doesn’t equal good defense when your secondary and linebackers are horrendous 


There were just a handful of us on that hill. I still can't believe people thought our LBs were good enough. It's one of the more baffling things I read all offseason. 

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