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Redskins/Eagles Game prediction thread.

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Opening Sunday is one of the best days of the year.  Even when you route for a bad team there is always a reason for optimism.  In our case we have Chase Young, a young QB and a new coaching staff replacing a horrible staff.  It will be fun to watch regardless of the game's outcome.   

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I think Philly has too many injures in key places that really make the strengths of our team even stronger.


I got us winning this game. No reason our D-line should not obliterate any semblance of a gameplan they have. Should be similar to what the Chiefs line did to Texans

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This has all the feels of a season where we end up like 8-7 ( 1 game missed per team for covid), end up in the playoffs as the #7 seed, lose 1st round, and then go 5-13 next year (NFL expands to 18 games to make up for lost revenue) and pick 4th.


We beat the Eagles today 19-16.

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I'm still not sold on the linebackers.  Stopping the run is not all about the DL, the LBs play a key role.  This team hasn't been good against the run in forever, they need a young London Fletcher.  


I don't see how they run the ball today.  By most accounts Wes Martin didn't take the job with his performance in camp, he kind of fell into it.   And then there is the LT.  Oy.......

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dan t. has been active in the tailgate all along---he's usually there year-round although it may have been a couple days


don't know about dc9 tho, offhand


straight up, and most of you guys should certainly have some  idea of the depth and length of my connection to the team as a fan, i'm not feeling this one  this day


i was kinda feeling the occasional good vibe off and on during the last couple months about a future under rivera but the nature of this organization as a whole under snyder still leaves me on life-support, often just hoping to survive until i see him driven out of town...i have less than zero use for that meatsack and i have zero good wishes for him...gtfo dan, you incompetent creepshow



i hope the players have a good game as it seems like mostly a good crew overall inc the coaches and trainers that have been assembled so far



i do know that if the team can show some sparks on the field and be competitive and even win half their games, that kind of process will get me more enthusiastic, but after 50-plus years of being a fan it's been real hard for me, as it has been for most of you these years with dan at the helm and all the low-grade performance on the field overall as a consequence of his ownership, and stuff just as bad or worse (even before these current scandals) off the field ...if he was actually my boss i'd tear him a serious secondary asshole and quit, which i have done a coupe times in my life even when the job paid big $$$...


i know this isn't snyder thread, i'm just acknowledging my lack of enthusiasm and figure it's not uncommon, even here...while i want to see the product on the field today, i'm not nearly as interested in watching it as much as several other games ...not even close


after all this time, it's only the last couple years it's got to the point i'm at now on watching the team play, which i do anyway of course, just not 'live' every week as had always been the case no matter what other game was opposite them ...and sure the other big stressors in the world today are playing their role i'm sure in my attitude


yet i note i'm still pretty invested/interested in stuff going on in the league and other teams and games, even while per my own team i have the feels of someone just hanging out in a dysfunctional relationship and sort of passively waiting to see what happens....more like a worn-out spectator who still doesn't have will to just leave than an active and engaged participant


i'm missing that fire in the belly about the team's season on this first day 


and with that, i will hold my debbie downer ass in check :) 

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Just now, bakedtater1 said:

Thanks jumbo..fantasy football sucks..let's focus on our players

I would agree if I wasn't defending a championship. But, no, seriously I want the Eagles to lose in the worst way today.

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On 9/8/2020 at 3:23 PM, kingdaddy said:

WFT       29

Eagles    13


8 sacks of Wentz including a safety.

 3 TD passes for DH, one each to Terry Mac, Gibson and Thomas.

2 sacks for the Predator.

New era in DC.

Well, I got the 8 sacks right and the W......I love this site. 

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