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2020 Game Day Thread

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It is kind of funny that I don't even watch games, but I still hate the way Ezekiel  Elliott looks.  I used to hate how dumb he looks with a stupid nose ring.  Now, I follow the game on ESPN gamecast, so I only really watch the play by play description of the game... but the tiny 2 cm picture of Elliott they have next to his name still pisses me off.  The dude looks like Mickey Mouse.

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21 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

So apparently Dez Bryant tested positive for Covid and is now calling it quits for the season.


I watched him last week, and he really has nothing left anyway.


Lookin at Dallas, you just know there's one guy on the Cowboy forum, who started a Paloff thread, and is like, "We can do this ! It starts with 5 in a row, baby !"


I don't like the increasing number of black color-rush uniforms. It's just so un-original and overly common


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