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2020 Game Day Thread

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This is exactly what life as a WFT fan is like. You want them to tank for a chance to get a possible elite QB. They don’t. Instead they kinda win, and position themselves out of the top two picks. So then you figure, might as well root for a playoff spot now. But all of a sudden, a ****ty Giants team who had only beat 1 team (since the other two wins were at our expense)...now all of a sudden magically might beat two other teams (Bengals last week and Seahawks this week). Just frustrating as hell. If we kept tanking, you just know Giants wouldn’t have won last week or leading this week.

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Words cannot describe how much hate i have for Seattle. Of all games to lay a big goose egg.....they choose THIS game? 

1 hour ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Now to sit back and watch us take back first place until tomorrow night. Cause NFC East. 

Well.......this is turning out to be wrong.......cause, NFC East. **** me. 

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