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2020 Game Day Thread


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I saw one team (Texans) that looked like they needed a couple pre-season games and the other (Chiefs) who looked like they haven't missed a beat since February.  So I'm not sure yet about pre-season.  I think 4 is too many, 2 might be right.  Teams have been more concerned with getting their starters to the season healthy over the past few years, so they weren't using those games like they used to.  

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man some interesting games today...life doesn't feel normal just cuz football's back but football games seem way more normal that i thought it would...the tech crews on all the broadcasts are pretty much dong the same level of work as far as i could tell


can't wait for this brady breres duel...and hoping as hard as ever that dallas will lose tho after our omg win it would be even better 

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It's funny how Pats & Bucs fans have been acting like 


1) Brady leaving New England wouldn't matter

2) Brady in Tampa would be the same as Brady in NE teamed up with Bill.


Both delusions will be shattered soon.


Kittle went to locker room earlier with a leg injury, not sure the severity, 3rd Qtr just started.


Also, who can't wait for Football Night in America to ignore the Skins/Game all together and just throw up the box score for a few seconds, or when they do cover it, the entire coverage will be about the Eagles.

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1 hour ago, ntotoro said:

People did watch Brady play last year, right? He’s done.

he’s still got something in the tank. He might have had the worst skill position players in the league last year and now he is loaded with weapons. It’ll take time to get in sync with everyone 


not saying it’ll be a great year I mean he doesn’t have the luxury of playing whatever trash QBs the Jets, Dolphins and Bills roll out 6 times a year 

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