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2020 Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, JSSkinz said:

Anyone see the safety in the Vikes game, looked like Kirk did a good job to get out of the endzone?


By rule he was downed in the end zone as his forward momentum was completely halted. The D finishing the tackle was what carried him out AFTER he was downed.

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I cannot emphasize how entertained I am by the fact that Dallas stopped Atlanta on their own 2 yard line on first down... And they were jumping and celebrating like they won the Super Bowl. 


Touchdown Falcons two plays later. :ols:


Also, touchdown Chase Claypool. 

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9 minutes ago, KDawg said:


He's Jameis Winston. Without the production value.


Also, Thomas is fine. He's holding his own comparatively to the rest of the line. 


I compared Jones before the draft to Alex Smith but a turnover prone version of him (taking the charm away from Alex's strength).  Like Alex, Jones has sneaky mobility.   He's more of a conservative throw into the flat type than taking chances type, too in college.   In the pros, he's taking more chances than I expected.


He was also really streaky in college and really streaky in the pros.  So he will likely have a run here and there.  He's off to a bad start but he typically doesn't play hot against tough fronts.  The dude looked like Joe Montana against us and certain other teams like the Eagles last year.  So I am guessing he will have his days this season just like last year.   But up and down dude with a limited ceiling. 


But the first 3 games -- Raiders, Bears, 49ers, that's a lot of pain.




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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

I just noticed something.


Matt Ryan pats the bell before he throws it.


At least he did on the TD.


That’s pretty old school.


So do a bunch of other QBs. Not routinely, but Stafford did it last week as well. 


LOL @ Giant/Bears announcer...


"Graham Gano... Gano good."



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1 minute ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

I mean, Elway and Marino did it on every pass.


But Walsh tried to coach it out of the league because it tipped off the defense and slowed the delivery.  

I hadn’t noticed it in years.  


Oh yeah a bunch of guys do it. 


It really should be eliminated from a every play mechanic point of view. Walsh was 100% right. But I noticed they do it as a security blanket. Like they're patting JUST in case they change their mind at the last second. 

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