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2020 Game Day Thread

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29 minutes ago, redskinss said:



I don't know what you'd call that thing just below Mayfields right shoulder but holy hell that was a launch. 

Then in the third quarter the announcers said he didn’t have a great arm but was athletic. lol

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Regardless of whether the Browns manage to come back and win this game or not, I don't see the NYG beating them next Sunday night.  Browns over the Giants would be huge as I think Seattle is easily Washington's toughest remaining game especially with Seattle still in the race to win their division as well. 

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So, which one of you old-timers, can remember the last time, before tonight, that 2 teams combined for 9 Rushing Touchdowns.


It happened twice in 1922.


  • Most Touchdowns, Rushing, Both Teams, Game, 9
Rock Island Independents (9) vs. Evansville Crimson Giants (0) Oct 15, 1922
Racine Legion (9) vs. Louisville Brecks (0), Nov 5, 1922
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I thought this game was going to suck.  Glad I turned it on anyway.  Wow.


Browns defense have given up way too many easy game changing plays though.  Wide open guys running free at the end of the forth and end of the half.  

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When is the last time the Browns have beaten the Ravens or Steelers? Good gracious. They need a defense. With their top tier running game, they would have a key winning formula for playoff football. 


But they really don't have anyone on defense besides Garrett and Ward. 

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