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2020 Game Day Thread

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3 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

Cardinals took care of business today.



looked shaky at the beginning, had an empty possession going for it on 4th and goal inside the 1, Murray improvised his way out of FG range... then.. their Defense took over... 7 sacks today 

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Saints looking like trash today. I'm not looking forward to that game vs the Vikings on Christmas.   

I hope this is them getting a 'everything goes wrong game' out of the way before going back to winning the last two (assuming they lose next week)

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It was closer than it looked like it would be, but the Saints mananged to **** the game away and likely (at the least) their #1 seed. 

It's looking likely that they won't clinch their division at least until Christmas, or the final week against Carolina unless the Bucs drop a game they should win.

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2 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

These Steelers don't look so hot tonight.

I bet we could take them


HA. I was going to come here and say that looks like after we beat them they no longer look like a undefeated team. They were just the pretenders until they played us and we exposed them.   :)




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