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3 hours ago, Riggo#44 said:

Proof people will literally argue anything on here.


Well, Cali wasn't arguing with himself.



As far as the Browns, minus some minor details, socks etc. they have basically worn the same uniforms for the past five years, before changing for this season.




Which goes back to nonniey's original point about team's not being allowed to change uniforms more than once every five years. i think that still holds true but I don't think simply changing " Redskins " to " Washington " on our jersey or even the helmets ( especially considering the circumstances } , counts as a change for us.

We are basically still wearing the same uniforms we have worn since 1979, and I think we're free to make a change at any time.


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4 hours ago, RandyHolt said:

Not a fan of the numbers on the sides of the helmet.


I would rather see WFT or a big ole W


I'd be fine with numbers on the helmets if they were the same as the ones on the jerseys. Still looks terrible to me. 


They better come up with something better than "Football Team". Its tolerable for a season but just seems incredibly lame long term.


Go Team Go! 



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11 minutes ago, -JB- said:

Shouldn’t even have Football Team.  I said this last year just use Washington & remain nameless.

I'd be good with that too as  I'm good as long as no new name is picked.


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5 minutes ago, nonniey said:

I'd be good with that too as  I'm good as long as no new name is picked.


& as long as the new stadium is built in DC @ the old RFK site!

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Cool uni, but wont work for us.

We would have to be bird based if we are gonna be red tails, otherwise you are begging for a repeat of our current situation.


Does anyone think we will continue to sell WFT gear after we get a permanent name? I'm sure that would be a great option for people who don't like the new one, and we will probably have the same colorway.


Instead of the new team name on the jersey they could also spell out WFT under the collar as a homage.



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