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A New Start! (the Reboot) The Front Office, Ownership, & Coaching Staff Thread

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1 hour ago, Burgold said:

The reason I wonder if this might be legitimately big (and bad) is that there seems to be such a tight lid on it. Makes me think that there is a lot of fact checking going on to make sure the report is right and that the outlet can't get sued. With everyone having such a quick trigger finger these days a gun that stays in the holster might be significant.




Yes that's what I think too. You don't want to drop some scandal on Twitter when you are not 100% right. So the reporters know what the WP story is about but they don't have the details. WP might be holding it out themself because they are either gathering more info or are already in a legal conversation with the team. 


It's very well possible that WP asked the team to react to the piece. The team saw the info, did research and fired two guys who where involved. 


So in that case it's personal. Within the organisation some people did some unethical stuff. If it was football related it would already been out.

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1 hour ago, LightningBuggs said:

I'm curious to know how much of this news will tie back to Bruce.  Either justly or unjustly so.



43 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:

I think it's because people are posting topics in the name change thread that don't relate to the name change but I could be wrong.  I'm sure they will let us know.


If its a bomb being dropped it will need its own thread, IMO.


It will. :bye:

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3 hours ago, Monk4thaHALL said:


I'd give a testicle to see that guy ****canned right now. 


Your noble sacrifice will forever be remembered. 


We'll all pitch in for you to get one of these:



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Just now, RichmondRedskin88 said:

Honestly Redskins can’t drop any bomb that’s surprises me that this point. They could tell me they have real skeletons buried under fedex field and I’d be like ah so that’s why we can’t win there. 

What if they told you they're Dan Snyder's and Bruce Allen's skeletons?

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27 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:
That's a cake job he just resigned from.


I’m going to assume this isn’t the sad and disappointing news since I’m not exactly crying over it.

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Every corporate ownership change i've ever experienced includes the moves we've seen over the last week.  I don't know that Snyder is out but there have been A LOT of changes to people who have been with the organization for more than a decade... Usually there are some shock terminations, as well as some surprise retirements.  


I dont know if Snyder is next, but i would appear he's the last one standing.. 


Then again, a major scandal could also explain the departures... which could ultimately result in an involuntary change in ownership... 

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8 hours ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

I don’t think we’ll have many long standing employees left in the organisation soon. Where does the cull end once you start. Cull employees, management should also be held accountable

So with Larry added, who’s next.....

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