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God I hate the dam cow****s.

Despise them.

And the vagiants

Fecals too..

But especially dullass... And this draft has gone much to well for them as we sit here with no 2nd :(

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Just now, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

Good pick for Philly. I think Wentz busts anyway. Fingers crossed.

Man, Philly must see a limited future in Wentz. 

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10 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:

Dammit. The NFCE has been crushing this draft so far IMO. Maybe the division will crawl out of the basement of the league over the next couple of seasons.




Reagor was already a dicey pick from the Eagles BEFORE they took Hurts. 

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I guess when you lose your starting Quarterback for the year and still win the Super Bowl you make your backup QB a priority.  Most teams would have prioritized getting another starter at 53 in a deep draft.

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6 minutes ago, CowboyKillerz said:

I hate the dam  cow****s.

Fawk them.

And the g(@y)men

Eagles too..

But especially fuk dullass


Dig the spirit of the post but grow up. It's 2020 my dude

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