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That's a good pick for Dallas.  Gives them an explosive outside offense.  Miami has got to be going O-Line.  I assume Cleveland is the pick here.

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well, i knew i was going to hate dallas getting any of the likely players


 but now that i know it is lamb specifically, i really really specifically hate it 

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I'd kill for McKinney. Queen still out there.


Sweat I think is going to really be an awesome player. Like, good enough people forget how great of a prospect Chase is and **** about it. Sucks not having the second, but Sweat is definitely a top 10 defensive front 7 player in this draft.

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Just now, clskinsfan said:

Man that sucks. Lamb is a frikin beast. 


Yeah, they offensive weapons are freakish.  They got the O line.  they got the RB.  They got great receivers.  Sad to say it but IMO its true. 

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1 minute ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

****ing Raiders are the reason the Cowboys got Lamb.

Like the drunk idiot from Missouri sitting down at the blackjack table while you're on a run.

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