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Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Fuller, Davis, McKissic

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April 1, 2020


CB Kendall Fuller


On why he wanted to return to Washington:

“Just so many reasons, you can see so many guys have qualities about perseverance. The coaching staff here, their relationship with the players, seeing how they develop guys, and seeing how the corners that they had coming in [in Carolina], [James] Bradberry, Donte Jackson and things like that. Being in the NFL the last couple of years and just being at a place that’s home, that I’ve had some success, that I’ve enjoyed, the first few years I was in Washington. Just the young core players that they have there on offense and defensive side of the ball. You know when you’re a DB and you’re looking at the front seven, you know how important that is for you and you’re success it’s the guys at the front seven that they have up there, that kind of builds to be a part of. Once they called, and my agent talked to me I couldn’t wait to jump on it.”


On the difference between now and his first stint in Washington:

“I just think as a rookie and leading up to my first year I was still just trying to find myself. I think after my rookie year, just trying to get that full offseason to recover from my knee surgery and my knee injury and things like that. I think the first time was me just trying to figure myself out, find myself and things like that. I think now, just knowing my game more, knowing my strengths and my weaknesses, just building that confidence, definitely have become more of a leader, more vocal and things like that. Just that extreme, that knowledge, being in Kansas City those two years, being able to go to the playoffs two years in a row, playing in the AFC Championship, it’s just that experience, that knowledge, and getting around a different group of players, different group of guys, coaches, and certain stuff I learned from them too.”


On his expectations for his role:

“Honestly, I don’t even think I fully know. I think the coaching staff not being able to meet and things like that – I don’t even know if they fully know what they want to do yet, just in terms of getting everything that you want in free agency, getting guys that you want in the draft. I’m just excited to just show my talent, just knowing that I can play around the field at a high level, whether that’s corner, nickel, if they ask me to go out there and play a little bit of hit. Being able to go out there and show that versatility, and just go out there and make plays, have fun.”


On his preference on playing corner versus nickel:

“I mean I always consider myself as a corner first, just a corner that’s what I’ve been playing for inside. I remember after my second year at Washington my other brother kind of made a joke at me, because he knows how much I love corner, being on the outside, and he was like, ‘You kind of play so good on the inside that teams are only going to want you to play in there.’ But, I love corner. That’s what I played in high school, all through college, but I love being able to go out there and switch to nickel. So many things I’ve got to do, and it’s not a lot of guys that are going in and playing at a high level consistently at such a high position.”


On his feelings coming back to Washington after being traded:

“It’s going to feel good. So many people, they go in and somebody gets traded, so many people think the player is feeling negative about things, negative about people, negative about the organization. But at the end of the day we know what we signed up for. We know that’s part of the business. You know, actually the day after I got traded, I was able to go into the facility and talk to everybody and things like that. It’s just a move that they made to try to get the football team better. I’m just excited to get back there, see everybody again, to be able to work with the guys, meet the new coaching staff, meet the players that have been there since I left. I’m just excited.”


On his free agent process:

“Well I mean my agent, I first started talking to [Washington] at the Combine and things like that. Little small conversations. For me, honestly, it wasn’t really until they called, my agent called me and was talking to me about the offer because my mindset going into free agency was, I wasn’t trying to get happy or look at one team that I really wanted to go to. At the end of the day, in free agency, you can want to go to a team and they could have no interest in you, so I wasn’t even looking at anything. I was just like whoever calls, calls. I think as soon as my agent called me about the offer and things like that, as soon as they called me, I said, ‘Say less, let’s do it.’”


On bringing his Super Bowl experience to Washington:

“Really just that mindset and that work ethic, day in and day out. I think my two years in Kansas City, it was almost like we felt like we put way too much work in day in and day out, starting from OTA’s to that. It wasn’t an option, not going to the Super Bowl, it was going to the Super Bowl and losing. We can’t do OTA’s right now, but I think from day one when we’re in the building it’s that mindset, that work ethic, just everybody helping each other. Everybody becoming one, everybody being a leader, everybody pushing everybody, everybody teaching everybody and everybody just coming together as one.”


On what he’s doing now to work out:

“I always work out with my brother in the offseason, so just continuing to do that.”


On his family’s reaction on returning to the DMV:

“My brothers we’re definitely happy. I think one of the first things that everybody said, my brother Corey, he was like you know mom is going to try to move in with you now, because my mother and father still live in Baltimore and things like that. Them kind of joking saying that they’re going to try to move in with me with me being back in the area. Then for me, my older brother had a son so being able to get back home to spend time with my nephew, golf with my oldest brother, so it’s really me just being pretty much back with the family, being able to spend time with the family, see the family, things like that. I told my mother, when I was in Washington I used to tell her a total of five games that she wasn’t allowed to come to them because I wanted Sunday dinner after the game so I had to let her know she’s going to have to start doing that again.”


On his favorite dish, how life has changed and how he is staying in football shape during the pandemic:

“My favorite dishes, sweet potato and marshmallows, collard greens, mac n cheese. As long as she [mother] cooks those things, I’m cool with anything else. But as far as my brothers, it’s definitely different. It’s not too much different because in the offseason we didn’t really do much to begin with besides work out, golf. Definitely cool because neither one of us cook, so that was one of the biggest things to get food because neither one of us cook. Then working out, also in the workouts, a little bit changes up a bit but still making sure we keep on working  and we keep on making ourselves ready for next year.”


On his interception in Super Bowl LIV and what that win meant:

“I mean I definitely think about it, I think now, especially since I’m kind of in that offseason phase, I feel like I don’t go back to it as much just because you know once you get to the offseason you’re just grinding, getting ready for next year. I mean it was definitely big. I used to tell everybody, it didn’t kind of hit me that I actually did that and made that play until I saw the video and things like that. It was big, man – just for us to steal the win like that and end it on a high note and get Coach [Andy] Reid his first championship, it was definitely fun to see him get that Gatorade bath and things like that, it was definitely fun. At the end of the day, you grind and work to make sure that that’s not the last play that you get remembered for and you go back out there and make those same plays in season the next year. So that’s what we’re out here doing now.”


S Sean Davis


On what made the Redskins so attractive:

“It was a no-brainer, honestly. I’m born and raised in Washington, D.C., went to high school in D.C., went to the University of Maryland College Park – I’m grounded in Maryland. I’m grounded in that area, so the opportunity to come home and play for the Redskins was a no-brainer for me. It was a really easy decision, I’m just glad to be a part of the organization.”


On his shoulder:

“My shoulder’s good. I passed my physical, so I’m feeling strong, feeling great and I’m ready to get back on the football field. My shoulder is doing good, thank you for asking.”


On his versatility as a defensive back:

“I have played a lot of positions. I just like being on the field, honestly. I feel like I can play any position you really want me to. As long as I’m on the field, I feel like I’m going to make an impact on defense. But just bouncing around, I feel like it’s just evolved my game, it let me have a better understanding of the defense and how all the positions work together and how we feed off of each other. I feel like I have more experience playing down low, but God blessed me with such athletic skills – I’m so rangy and I’m fast and can patrol back in the deep end, so having a year at free safety two years ago really helped my game and my overall skill set. I believe I’ll be playing free safety this upcoming season. I’m just looking forward to being the deep guy, being the one that everyone has to depend on, being the last line of defense, open field tackling – it’s one of the hardest things in football and it’s one thing that I pride myself on. Each year, I’ve missed less tackles. I’m just looking forward to improving my game each and every year and the best is yet to come.”


On his familiarity with S Landon Collins:

“I haven’t talked to Landon [Collins] yet, but I spoke with [Defensive Backs] Coach [Chris] Harris and he basically agreed with what you’re saying, I’m going to be the deep guy and Landon’s going to be down low for the most part. But defenses are evolving and we have to be able to play both safeties because it’ll be an easy gateway for the offense, so being versatile I think is another thing that helps me to be able to try and throw offenses off a little bit. I’m looking forward to meeting Landon and looking forward to working with him.”


On what Sean Taylor meant to him as a player:

“He was probably the biggest influence on my football game. I’ve been wearing 21 since high school. I had to wear 28 for Pittsburgh my first two years, but once 21 opened up it was a no-brainer I had to jump on it. He was just an awesome player, a huge role model. His game film is ‘teach tape.’ He was just a beast, he was the best and I’ve tried to emulate my game after him. He instilled fear in the receivers, he was doing everything imaginable, so he was really a freak athlete and I just try to do what I’m supposed to do, but also unleash the inner beast in me and play like Sean Taylor. That’s my goal every week I’m out there, play like Sean.”


On his first impressions of Head Coach Ron Rivera:

“Well I haven’t talked to [Head] Coach [Ron] Rivera yet and I don’t know too much about him, but just being in the league for four years and just being around guys – you know, you’re around new guys every year, really every week – and there’s a connection to him that I’ve met between some guys. Honestly, going from [Steelers Head] Coach [Mike] Tomlin to Coach Rivera is great because those are two highly recognized coaches and Coach Rivera has been to a Super Bowl. I know he’s about business, he’s about football, he’s about winning. I’m so glad he chose me to be a part of this team and I’m really just looking forward to working together with him and learning and playing my best for him.”


On what he can bring to help this team win:

“Honestly, I’m just really passionate about the game, I’m passionate about being home in front of my friends and family, fans, so that’s only going to put more pressure on me, but I feel like it’s only going to bring the best out of me competing every week. I have some friends who signed with the team that I know previously who are also from the area, so we have a connection there and I know we’re all going to try and put on and show out for our city and for each other especially, and bring some wins to FedexField. I’ve always been watching from the corner of my eye checking on the Redskins the past four years and I still can’t help it, they were always my team. But just looking forward to turning things around and putting my best foot forward, and making some plays and seeing what happens.”


On whether there was anybody in particular who was excited for his return home:

“Oh my gosh, everybody. I can’t even name one – my whole family, my friends, everybody. It’s crazy.”


On whether he’s familiar with Ohio State Defensive End Chase Young:

“I don’t know too much about [Ohio State Defensive End] Chase Young. I know he went to DeMatha [Catholic High School], which was right down the street from the University of Maryland. I just know that he’s a D.C. kind of guy, I know what his mindset is like, I know what he’s built like and I’m excited. I can’t wait. Hopefully, we grab him and bring that pressure because rush and coverage work together, so that’s what I live by and hope he can make some noise, put some pressure on the quarterback and make him throw some ducks in the air, make it easy for us on the back end.”


On how he’s dealing with the pandemic and the shutdown of team facilities:

“It’s definitely impacted us a lot. The world is really shut down. It’s like a scary movie scene every time you step out the front door. It sucks because it shuts the gyms down, shuts the fields down. The other day, they had the yellow tape across the field in the park, so it’s kind of hard to find access. When it’s cold out, we like working out indoors, which we can’t. So kind of have to take it back old school a little bit to the jail body workouts, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. But, I’m still rangy, still got my mobility, balance and core and everything. I’m just trying to do the best we can, control the controllable. I’m just waiting for the weather to break honestly so I can get back outside and start running. I really hate running outside especially in the cold, so I’ve got to get my conditioning, that’s imperative. Once the weather breaks, I’ll be back out there on the field and do what I’m supposed to do. Whenever we’re allowed to be back, I’ll be ready. I always make sure I’m ready when it’s time to be ready. I’m not really worried about it, it’s just an obstacle, but nothing’s easy and I’m built for it. I’m just looking forward to training in Loudoun County.”


On how he improved his tackling technique:

“I’m not too sure, maybe just being more comfortable. I don’t know. Maybe being the last line of defense, I have to really slow down and secure all the tackles rather than having somebody behind me where I can take a chance with a dive or something and have somebody back me up. I don’t have that luxury anymore, I am the last man, so really just slowing down, really staying true to my form and securing the tackle is probably what happened. But I’m getting bigger and stronger every year, faster. My body is weird, I feel like I never really stop growing, I always grow. I don’t know, I’m getting bigger, stronger and faster each and every year, so maybe that’s it, too.”



RB J.D. McKissic


On how his game has evolved over the years:

“That’s a good question. Over the last couple of years you could just tell, how comfortable I’m becoming as I’ve been playing. When I was with the [Atlanta] Falcons I didn’t get the opportunity, but when I came in with the [Seattle] Seahawks, I was more of a guy who was just a receiver playing running back. I think over the years I was able to find out and learn what the O-line was doing, and focusing on the now, like actually letting the O-line double team and come off on the linebacker and be patient. So, I think patience has become or evolved in my game a lot now and doing the extra, trying to break a tackle instead of being so conservative I think I became more aggressive.”


On talking with the coaching staff:

“When I signed, I talked to the head coach, Coach [Ron] Rivera, and also I talked to my running back coach the other day and talked to Scott [Turner] today. More of what I usually do, get out in the space, use my versatility, catch the ball, motion in the back field, try to create a hazard for the defense, try to get them to think and get a positive gain.”


On how he views his position:

“I will always feel like I’m a receiver just because I’ve done it throughout my whole life, in college, high school and then in the NFL, that’s when I became a running back. That’s something I never want to lose, my receiver ability. I think you have to be in the league for a long time to be able to do something different than all the other guys. You know, really trust my hands to catch passes from all over the field, curls, comeback goals, corner. I think that’s what sets me apart from a lot of guys. I think when I went to Detroit, working with [Running Backs] Coach Kyle [Caskey] and [Offensive Coordinator Darrell] Bevell always trusted me to run the ball between the tackles. That was something that I really worked on there and I was able to become better at it and focus and be more patient. I think that’s helped my game out a lot.”


On playing with a strong group of running backs:

“That’s what it’s all about, competition. A lot of big names, a lot of great guys that did amazing things in college and also in the NFL. I am honored to be in the room with Adrian Peterson for sure, and even the young guys, I mean a lot of real good guys. I’m excited about the competition, we understand the business we know the game, it’s all about being there for one another and making plays. That’s what it’s all about, making plays, who can execute the plan at his best, and that’s what we all are willing to do and I am excited to be in the room with those guys.”


On how he is handling the COVID-19 situation:

“It’s a real tough time. This is all about keeping your hands clean and social distancing yourself from others. You definitely don’t want to be exposed to it and bring it back to your parents. I’ve got older parents, 55 and 56 years old so I definitely don’t want them to get it so with me I’m just staying away from everyone. At the same time still getting my workout in. Unfortunately, the place I was training had been shut down so this week we haven’t had the opportunity to lift, but around the neighborhood, just running hills, and putting in workouts. I was trying to keep my conditioning and keep my weight good, that’s basically it really. Just keeping my hands clean you know, not touching anyone, not letting going near anyone until this stuff goes over around here but staying safe.”


On what Scott Turner expects from his running backs:

“Today when I talked to him, the running back position is very important to him. The running back position is evolving, guys have to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield, when you’ve got a lot of weapons on the field you want to be able to use everything that this guy can give you. He also coached Christian McCaffrey and you can see, he mentioned Christian McCaffrey had 100 catches. He told me I’d get a couple but I won’t get that many. I mean I think the running back position is very important. It’s evolving. Guys catching the ball out of the backfield is becoming a mix and match for defenses, you’ve got safeties, you’ve got linebackers who usually have got to cover those guys. Sometimes the corner may stay out there just because he’s got to respect the position, I mean outnumbered. You’ve got plenty of DBs on the field then you can pound the ball. I mean just how you look at it, man the running back position is evolving, very fast before our eyes.”


On what separates a winning team:

“That locker room. I mean just the guys themselves too. You may have some guys that, may not be as good as others. It’s all about who is going to come out and execute the plan. It all comes together. The game plan and the players coming out and executing. That’s what it’s really all about. You’re going to have great players on other teams you’re going to have some teams that don’t have big names. And also, buying into the program, to the system, the organization, whatever. The coaches put in front of you – do you truly believe what they’re telling you and do you like your coach, really.”


On what he is focusing on this offseason:

“I think with me it’s all about doing what I do best and that’s running routes. I think I can run between tackles really good, I love running between the tackles actually but I just need to keep my route running up. I can’t ever forget that I was a receiver. If I can still go out and run all the routes, all the routes on the route tree, I think it will put me in a very good situation. And I always catch the ball. At these times it’s a tough job.”


On TE Logan Thomas entering a pass-catching role:

“My first time playing Logan was when he was a quarterback for Virginia Tech, but when I got to Detroit, I got there week one and once I saw him and the way he moved and caught the ball, I thought he was the guy. He also thought he was the guy too. I’ve seen Logan every game and in every situation where we needed him he always came through. And you know that he’s one of those guys who could be depended on and get a much bigger role than the role he had in Detroit. He’s a real good player, he’s a guy who loves to block. He’s a guy who every time when Detroit put in a play, for me or if it was jet sweep, or it was something we would do that was unique for me to get the ball, he would be the one who would come to me whenever we had a break in the locker room, saying hey coach put me on this so I could block for you on this play and then I would try to get him but, he just wasn’t the guy that they wanted to do it. But he was the guy that I wanted to be doing it for me. Hopefully he gets that opportunity now, he’s a real good player, he’s a quarterback and he’s a tight-end that can do a lot of things, he can catch the ball pretty good.”


On league shutdown affected his free agency process:

“I was a restricted free agent at the time. So the whole time I was thinking, well I somewhat knew that Detroit wasn’t going to tenure me, but I knew that they were trying to do a deal. So when I got the news that I wasn’t going to be tenured, my agent had talked to Washington already and we knew that I would have a team that was interested in me and I liked the deal so it really wasn’t a long process for me.”


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Interesting that McKissick views himself as a receiver. I think that's the role he's going to play for us, too. He'll be Turner's weapon with Sims. 


Which also makes the receiver and back situation look different...


RB: Peterson, Guice, Love, Barber

WR: McLaurin, Harmon, Latimer, Sims, McKissick

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24 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Interesting that McKissick views himself as a receiver. I think that's the role he's going to play for us, too. He'll be Turner's weapon with Sims. 


Which also makes the receiver and back situation look different...


RB: Peterson, Guice, Love, Barber

WR: McLaurin, Harmon, Latimer, Sims, McKissick

Yeah, I had no idea he was a receiver all the way to the pros.  Cool to see him talking up Thomas that way.  I’m now more interested to see what he (Thomas) can do for the TE group.  

Love the way Davis comes across, excited about playing in DC, articulate (not that that really matters) with good, thoughtful answers.  Especially like what he had to say about tackling.  

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11 hours ago, KDawg said:

Interesting that McKissick views himself as a receiver. I think that's the role he's going to play for us, too. He'll be Turner's weapon with Sims. 


Which also makes the receiver and back situation look different...


RB: Peterson, Guice, Love, Barber

WR: McLaurin, Harmon, Latimer, Sims, McKissick

I find it interesting that McKissic has spoken to Rivera and the coaching staff, yet the others haven’t. 

I love to read too much into things :ols: but I read into that that they specifically know what they want McKissic’s role to be, whereas we are still looking to an another piece at DB, whether that’s CB or FS, and then nail down accountabilities.

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Kendall Fuller didn’t leave Washington by choice in 2018, but his return to the team was entirely up to him.


Fuller was traded to Kansas City as part of the deal that sent quarterback Alex Smith to Washington and capped his two years with the Chiefs with a win-sealing interception in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV. He said he didn’t go into free agency with designs on heading back to his former team, but a four-year, $40-million offer on the first day of the negotiating window made it an easy call.


Fuller noted that he’s heard nothing but good things about life as a defensive back under new head coach Ron Rivera and he shares fellow free agent acquisition Thomas Davis‘ high opinion of the defensive talent.


“The young core players that they have there on offense and defensive side of the ball,” Fuller said, via “When you’re a DB, and you’re looking at the front seven, you know how important that is for you and your success. Looking at the front seven that they have up there, what they’re trying to build and be a part of. Once they called, and my agent talked to me, I couldn’t wait to jump on it.”


Fuller mostly played in the slot and saw some time at safety with the Chiefs, but said he hasn’t gotten a handle on the role he’ll be playing in his return engagement. The size of his contract suggests he’ll be in a leading role wherever he lines up.



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