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The Quarantine Thread

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7 hours ago, NickyJ said:

Dunkirk is what happens when someone in the editing room accidentally deletes the entire movie 1 hour before release, so the editor just splices a bunch of film together without taking time to put it in chronological order.

Smh. it is in chronological order, of 3 separate situations occurring 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour away from the pivotal moment in the evacuation. 

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Rachel Maddow just reported that the governor of Mississippi has declared all jobs in the state essential and every person should report to work. This overrides any locality that declared their region, city, etc. null and void. 


Can't wait to see the numbers climb there. Citizens of Mississippi take care!

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1 hour ago, Corcaigh said:

It was to a documentary On the Black Death. I thought it might have been uplifting viewing given the times we are in. 

In a similar vein....


The virus has had me thinking about a lot of plague related stuff like


The Seventh Seal (Movie)

The Masque of the Red Death (Short story)

Pathologic 2 (Game)

Plague Tale Innocence (Game)

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My sanity release from all this has been rediscovering sketching. It's been a good break. In doing so, I found something called #WSID on Twitter. It stands for what should I draw and basically allows kids via their parents to make requests of illustrators, doodlers, and other kids to help realize, materialize their vision. I think it as a way to give a stressed out kid a smile and a way to make their world more colorful.


For my fellow doodlers, you may want to contribute. For my fellow ESers with kids, you might want to have your kids drop some suggestions and see if they get picked.


Here are the four I've done so far.

Draw a zebra dancing with an octopus while an elephant practices Karate with a snooping raccoon.



A rabbit that's also a magician


A goat trying to sell boots because he doesn't what other goats to get muddy feet






A nine headed hydra



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29 minutes ago, LD0506 said:

IKR? but there ain't enough weed in the world to make me able to draw those......

Not the first time I've been accused.


I have wondered what I would produce if stoned given what my mind comes up with straight. :ols:

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