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Best Workout Music

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I remember that original PB thread.  One thing that hasn't changed since then,is that I think I'm one of a few on the planet who doesn't listen to music when I workout. Though when I did way back when,I found a lot of those 90's rock songs were outstanding for workouts,(Sad but True being a favorite). 

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The only time I ever did though was when I worked out with someone for years.  Yesterday mine died with like 15 minutes left in my workout and it sucked.  So many benefits to it.


1. Helps focus.

2. You don't hear all the brotalk going on at the gym.

3. You don't hear others/yourself grunting.

4. You don't hear weights banging around and slamming down.

5. And the best one - people don't try to talk to you when you have headphones on.


I typically listen to EDM while working out but if I'm feeling it, I'll put on some hiphop.  Some of my hip hop songs are a bit slow for working out though.  FOr instance, yesterday  "Keep Ya Head Up" came on by Tupac and while the song owns, it isn't a good song to work out to.

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