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The Miscellaneous Humor Thread---vids/gifs/pics/jokes---no articles, no "owned" stuff

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3 hours ago, clietas said:

A Man Eaten By Cats


My cat chews on me when he is really hungry to get me to feed him.  I have no illusions that if he and I were the only ones in the house, and I didn't wake up, he would feast on me.  I'm OK with that.  Of course, there are other people in the house, so it will never happen.  Maybe I'll post a video in the Pets thread, complete with sound.  It's entertaining, if mildly gruesome.

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15 hours ago, China said:

 It's entertaining, if mildly gruesome.

My friend had been sick, she sent this pic with the caption "I woke up to this...I may be the next meal..." 🤣




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Florence Henderson would've gotten it back in the day, regardless of the helmet hair (Dorothy Hamill) haircut.  



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I called a friend of mine.  His wife left him last week after 20 years of marriage.  She said she was going out for a  gallon of milk and never came back.


I asked him how he was coping.


He said "Not too bad.  I've been using some of that powdered stuff."

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