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The Random Thought Thread Vol 2---Read OP For Thread Rules

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2 hours ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

damn, I'm lucky I binged the 3 seasons of outlander on netflix last week then.


it's a good show for sure, although season 1 has some serious :wtf: scenes


Too many rape scenes. The flaying scene was also pretty bad. Hard to get through in some spots, but overall,  I thought they went out of their way to be accurate, and it was good.

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Rewatching Terminator stuff rn.


God damn is T3 cheese.  Aside from him delaying the firing of the light machine gun in the graveyard...movie is cringe.


Rewatching T1 stuff...I'm reminded of the OG Westworld movie.  That's where Arnie got his chops for acting like a Machine.  Literally.  From Yul Brynner in Westworld.  He says it all the time.



Yul Brynner as a killing cyborg from a 1973 movie.


T2?  GOAT.

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6 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

What was the haul?

Jameson and Patron, the big bottles. Pretty new in the scotch/bourbon game, I also enjoyed Woodford Reserve. Didn’t really like Bulleit, almost had to creamy of a taste if that makes sense 

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1 hour ago, max21 said:

I have the next five days off, haven’t had that many days off in I don’t even know how long. Let’s just say I stopped by the ABC store on the way home. 


Thanks for reminding me; I need to stop by there tomorrow.

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On 11/22/2020 at 10:56 AM, TryTheBeal! said:



Can't help myself.


Have to come back to this.


Rise of the Machines is extremely cringe.  The writing, filming and editing is so typical.  Do you really think it comes even CLOSE to the first two?  If so, you shouldn't have a guitar.


Screw the extended storyline, I want spinoffs like The Mandalorian.


It ends with T2.  John and friends on swingsets, then he gets a job in accounting.

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