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No word since he got to the hospital. They took at black screens to put around the car, but fans in the upper grandstands still got grainy videos of him being taken out on a stretcher. I watched the replays, a car drove head on into Newman's driver side window while his car was upside down. If he lives through it, it'll be a miracle. I forgot how sick a feeling it is to watch and wait.

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14 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

There's not enough racing fans here, even for a Daytona 500 thread ?


I'd say since Bubble Screen left, so did Nascar threads/topics.  I seem to remember one years ago, but it could have been just about Tony Stewart when he hit and killed that other driver.  Anyhow, considering someone got seriously injured, I'd say that is thread worthy in the tailgate.  Start a new thread, it's better off out there instead of in here.

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Man, that was a great race and a crazy race. Loved the rain delay and hated it. 


Hotel gave us a free night. 

Stayed until the end. It was scary. 


Might head to Vegas in a few days. Double header. Fight and race. Maybe....


I like racing in person. Hard for me to watch on tv though. Same with baseball and hockey usually. 


One more thing crossed off my bucket list. 

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