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RIP Neil Peart

Spaceman Spiff

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My musical idol.


I've run out of energy typing odes so I'll just say I am as crushed as can be when it comes to a celebrity deaths.


It's raining, so I went outside and recited the opening to Natural Science, because it sounds like the water in the song.  His lyrics are as good as his drumming.


We've lost an icon.

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This is the only "forbidden song" to me.  When my first dog died, I listened to it while crying and crushed.  Ever since then, I've only listened to it when something devestating happens in my life.  It will always bring me to tears, while being uplifting and sentimental.  This is Elsie's song, but right now its Elsie and Neil's.



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All the world's indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage


RIP Neil.  A man amongst boys when it comes to drumming. Listening to Rush and trying to air drum is a workout routine all its own. ;) 

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Celebrity deaths have never really effected me on a personal level, but this one really got me. He was my boyhood hero. I picked up drums because of him. I wanted to write wordy thoughtful lyrics like him. Such an influence musically.


 His book Ghost Rider:Travels on the Healing Road was a great tool in getting me through my own personal dark days (though not nearly is dark as his I admit). I can never say I knew the man because we never met. But after countless hours reading about his travels and his general viewpoint and random thoughts on the world, I have to say I developed an attachment and cared for him on a weird impersonal long distance level. Such a great mind and influence on the world.


Ugh time to put on an album and read a few chapters. I hope heaven has a DW drumset and Red BMW 1200GS waiting for him

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Tonight I listened to Limelight for the first time in ages and couldn't believe how incredible it still sounded long after my prog phase had ended. Wonderful songwriting and performances. Same with The Spirit of Radio, which is probably my second favorite by them. Rush has its detractors, but no one can deny their overwhelming instrumental talents, especially Peart, a giant among all rock drummers, the impossible summit for so many who followed him.

RIP Neil, thanks for the music

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Unbelievable loss for the music community.


One of my first live concert experiences was seeing RUSH on the 2112 tour at Lisner auditorium GW university circa 76/77. Been with them ever since. Consummate professionals that really resonated with those who appreciated music & lyrics that actually tried and did convey real meaning and thought.


Saw & enjoyed them countless times at cap center and other venues throughout the years. They were certainly beyond their years in their craftsmanship. One of the very few that I saw live actually sounded the same live as they did on vinyl.


We RUSH fans are certainly extremely lucky to have been able to see, listen, experience the absolute GENIUS that is RUSH.


RIP Neil.





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