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BBC: China pneumonia outbreak: COVID-19 Global Pandemic


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I dont see resources as a problem for China, disnt they lay more concrete in a decade then US did in a century or something crazy like that at one point? it seems their biggest problem is proping up the legitimacy of their authoritarian government at the same time.

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Australia defends plan to create island quarantine camp


CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s government on Thursday defended its plan to send citizens evacuated from the epicenter of China’s novel coronavirus emergency to a remote island used to banish asylum seekers and convicted criminals, despite warnings that that some Australians would prefer to stay in China.


Australia is preparing to send potentially hundreds of its citizens rescued from Hubei province to a quarantine camp on remote Christmas Island. The Indian Ocean island has been used by the government in a widely condemned policy of banishing asylum seekers who attempt to arrive by boat to offshore camps.


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said notorious Christmas Island struck the right balance between supporting Australians stranded in China and protecting the wider Australian population from the potentially deadly disease.


“The reality is people need to be accommodated somewhere for up to 14 days,” Dutton told reporters in Canberra.


“I can’t clear out a hospital in Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane. I don’t have a facility otherwise that we can quickly accommodate for what might be many hundreds of people and Christmas Island is purpose-built for exactly this scenario,” he added.


The Australian Medical Association, the nation’s leading medical advocate, said the Australians would be better quarantined on the Australian mainland.


“We feel that the repatriation to Christmas Island -- to a place previously the focus of populations under enormous mental and physical trauma and anguish -- is not a really appropriate solution,” the association’s president Tony Bartone told Nine Network television.


But Dutton dismissed that criticism as based on doctors’ longstanding opposition to the government using Christmas Island, Nauru and Papua New Guinea to accommodate thousands of exiled refugees that Australia refuses to accept.


Click on the link for the full article

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More on the person to person case in the U.S.: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/coronavirus-spreads-first-time-u-s-cdc-says-n1126566



The new patient lives with a Chicago woman in her 60s who was diagnosed after returning last month from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak that's now sickened upward of 8,000 people.


He did not travel to China and has not been to any mass gathering, officials said. He was already being monitored and tested after his wife came down with the virus, officials said.


The woman traveled back from China to Chicago on January 13 but she wasn’t showing symptoms then. A week and a half later, the woman was put in quarantine. She had shortness of breath and a fever when she arrived at the emergency room and was quickly placed in isolation, officials said. Her condition is described as good. 


It took over two weeks from being exposed to the virus before he showed any symptoms, and that was only found because he was constantly monitored. What about the other people on the flight she took home? They might already have it but just haven't been tested for it yet. No deaths in the U.S. yet, hopefully it stays that way.

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Bar is slammed for coronavirus-themed promotion offering $6.50 Coronas while the pandemic lasts - but the boss says offended 'snowflakes need a sense of humour'


A bar has come under fire for a 'tasteless' poster advertising Corona beers for $6.50 'while the pandemic lasts'.


House on Hood, in Hamilton, New Zealand, posted a photo to their Facebook page of two men in hazmat suits and face masks holding up bottles of the Mexican beer.


'Virus or no virus, we still think Coronas are pretty great, so while the pandemic lasts, we're selling Coronas for just $6.50, all day, every day,' the caption read.


'Mention your corona loving mates to let them know about this great deal and you could be sharing a free one-metre pizza this Friday at House.'


Click on the link for the full article




I think the offensive thing is the price.  $6.50 for a Corona?  

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China is acting like this thing is an existential threat.  There are images of villages building walls in the middle of streets to stop anyone from spreading the disease to their town.  Consider what it would take for YOU to do something like that.  How bad would things have to be for your town, city, or whatever to be like "you know what... I think I saw some cinder blocks at the construction yard, lets seal off the neighborhood!" 


Then you look at the response from western nations and it's the policy equivalent of reluctantly agreeing to clean up the garage.  You'll get around to it, eventually. 

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"We'll admit them if they're dying': Virus outbreak pushes China's stretched health care workers to breaking point


All Shi Muying wanted was to spend one last Lunar New Year holiday with her terminally ill mother.


She flew back from the United Kingdom, where she lives and works, to spend the festive season in her hometown, Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis in central China. For 24 hours a day, Shi -- who is in her mid-30s -- sat by her mother's bedside in hospital, taking care of her.

Around her, more and more people were getting sick from a newly identified coronavirus. But Shi wasn't too worried.

After all, Chinese authorities were saying that the outbreak was "preventable and controllable."

Now, three weeks after Shi arrived in China, it's clear the outbreak is not under control. The virus has spread to every Chinese province and region, across Asia and as far away as Europe and the United States. It has infected more than 9,800 people and killed over 200. Wuhan has been placed on an effective lockdown, almost entirely sealed off from the outside world.

On Monday, preliminary results showed Shi could also be infected with the virus.

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