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BBC: China pneumonia outbreak: COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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27 minutes ago, mistertim said:


That's still problematic because then you'll have people in counties that are "locked down" traveling to nearby counties that aren't to go party like a bunch of morons and then coming back and spreading it to others in the locked down county. 

Absolutely it is. But the point was the Attorney General being able to sue municipalities. Different state, different rules.


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9 hours ago, Califan007 said:

Does anyone know anything about Dengue fever?... My brother is in Indonesia and was diagnosed with it last Saturday. I found out this afternoon that things seem to be getting worse instead of better. And unfortunately, a lot of the symptoms seem to overlap with COVID symptoms.

This is a bad one with 4 strains. I understood that you can recover for let's say strain DEN-1, however immunity confers only partial and transient protection against subsequent infection by the three others.


Another Dengue Vaccine Nears Starting Line

Dengvaxia, Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine, is authorized in the countries of the European Union

The European Commission has issued a marketing authorization (DMA) for the Dengvaxia vaccine , the Sanofi Pasteur dengue vaccine .
The marketing authorization follows the recommendation of 18 October 2018 of the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency to approve the use of the dengue vaccine under certain conditions.
This dengue vaccine has been evaluated in large-scale safety and clinical efficacy studies of over 40,000 people from 15 countries who have been followed up to at six. The experience acquired during these studies was taken into account to define the conditions of use of this vaccine.


In both cases (dengue and covid-19) they're using measles vaccine

Our vaccine is based on a known strategy (covid)


I wish a full and total recovery to your brother 🙏🤞💪


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On 5/13/2020 at 11:13 AM, PCS said:

So Trump,Brix,and others are essentially trying to minipulate the death numbers,(probably case numbers too),according to tweets posted on the previous page. Suspect this is happening already in a few states and counties as well. Good to know we cant even trust totals we see coming our now. Cripes what a **** show. 

Trump: “I lie. I am king. You will lie for me.”

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Operation Warp Speed guys.


We're all saved. Hurrah. 



*What is that noise in the backround or is the feed weird?

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19 hours ago, Wildbunny said:

Beautiful is not the term I would have chosen.

My wife would irrespectfully disagree with him.


You would still have people dying.


The fact you don't test them, doesn't mean they are healthy.

Trump is so stupid that it is literally painful to process, however, I've noticed that a lot of normal defenders have stopped defending him. Anyways, lets add health care workers to the group/race/gender/country of people that Trump has thoroughly pissed off. How can this idiot go out of his way to screw over so many voters and still expect to when?

19 hours ago, skinny21 said:

Texas Attorney General just informed cities their stay-at-home orders are unlawful and essentially threatened them with legal action.  



I have a feeling this will be the norm for various states.  
I would also assume this has to do with Republicans wanting urban areas heavily affected.  Their stance on mail-in ballots jives with this.  Power seems the only thing that truly matters to them after all.  

I'm sure those urban cities fund most of the poorer, red, rural areas of the state. Fortunately , we've seen that just because you force restaurants and barber shops to open, doesn't mean people will go and buy. Sounds like the cons want the libs to save their economy.

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Well, I mean, look at all the other viruses that have just gone away. Throughout history. 


I mean, there's . . . uh . . . . 

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29 minutes ago, Larry said:


The "publisher" seems to be the author himself. And I do think I see a tendency to take spectacular one time events as typical. BUT sure seems to make sense, seem supported. Looks like important information to me. 


She's a PhD biologist. It was also in the NYT, I just happened to read the version she posted on her website and thought to post that. Very smart stuff, in many cases actually reassuring.

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1 hour ago, Larry said:

Well, I mean, look at all the other viruses that have just gone away. Throughout history. 


I mean, there's . . . uh . . . . 


That one didn't last long.


And flu is only coming back every year.


Only one I found was smallpox. 40 years ago. But I just read stuff that we also found this virus buried in permafrost in Arctic. Which could go live again if climate keeps heating and permafrost melt...

And plague still lives one in some countries like Peru or Congo it seems.


Can't imagine those kind of stuff running wild with globalization.

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