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BBC: China pneumonia outbreak: COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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I’m not sure how Italy’s can have people waiting for morgues unless that’s what they normally do...


2500 dead because of corona virus..


68,000 dead during the 2016-2017 flu season... so if the flu season is like 6? months that’s 10,000 dead a month.... we added 1200 a month dead and all of a sudden we can’t bury the dead in time? 

what am I missing...


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44 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:


Am I the only one getting frustrated with how many rich people doing just fine are getting these tests no problem?

We have drive through testing in my area with a prescription

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Someone smarter than me help me understand something.


Viruses branch off typically for survival. There are strong strains and weak strains. The strong strains, typically, die out because they kill the carriers. So a virus’ best way to survive is to mutate weaker so that the recipients are strong enough to pass it on and not bedridden due to it.


The obvious difference was in 1918 when the front lines got hit hard with the flu. The people who were functioning on the front lines (people with weaker strain) stayed and fought. The people who got knocked down by the stronger strain got taken 100 miles back to hospitals and passed the strain around. 

So given this information, and this is where I need some help here: 


Wouldnt it be okay if the majority of people contracted the strain that seems fairly asymptomatic in order to build antibodies? Isn’t that essentially the function of the vaccine?


I’m not advocating to purposely get it. It’s obviously dangerous ground to tread. But if you got the weaker strain, wouldn’t that almost completely prevent you from being ravaged by the stronger strain?

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9 minutes ago, FanboyOf91 said:



20%?  I'm thinking we need a lockdown, that's gonna apply to like 80%.  


- - - - 


I asked a few weeks back, that I think if I was a hospital administrator, I'd be looking if there was some place I could send 20% of my staff, to get infected, so they'd be immune.  Someone pointed out that, even if you ignore the pesky detail that, if you send 100 employees off to get infected, then 20 of them are going to be hospitalized, (and 1-2 of them will die), That there's a few cases of people getting over the disease, and then getting it again 3-4 weeks later.  


There might not be immunity.  

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6 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

The problem with heard immunity is the sudden surge of patients when in spreads initially...

Except there seems to be a strain that is showing no symptoms. Unless those tests are false positive. 

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What is herd immunity and can it stop the coronavirus?

Once enough people get Covid-19, it will stop spreading on its own. But the costs will be devastating.

The more infectious a virus is, the more people need to be immune for us to achieve herd immunity. Measles, one of the most easily transmitted diseases with an R0 over 12, requires about 90% of people to be resistant for unprotected people to get a free ride from the herd. That’s why new outbreaks can start when even small numbers of people opt out of the measles vaccine.

Similarly, if the coronavirus spreads more easily than the experts think, more people will need to get it before herd immunity is reached. For an R0 of 3, for example, 66% of the population has to be immune before the effect kicks in, according to the simplest model.

Whether it’s 50% or 60% or 80%, those figures imply billions infected and millions killed around the world, although the more slowly the pandemic unfolds, the greater the chance for new treatments or vaccines to help.



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