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The Official ES 2020 Free Agency Thread /Tracker... Flowers plucked, Fuller,OG Schweitzer, KP Louis, Thomas Davis, S Sean Davis, RB McKissic, TE Logan Thomas OT Lucas, QB Kyle Allen (trd 5th Rd pick), TE Rodgers, RB P. Barber, LB Davis, OL Vujnovich, Darb

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5 minutes ago, HigSkin said:
One of the guys I was hoping Skins would have interest in .

Got some wear on the tires but he's been a good one and has a couple more in him.  JDR connection didn't happen.  Wondering and hoping for a Fuller reunion as Bradberry and Jones will cost a bundle.  Jones projection at $20 mill a year.  

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Not too worried about missing out on Hooper tbh. I think TE is our weakest position so it hurts somewhat that the top TE is off the market, but I am not 100% sold on Hooper and I guess he'll be too expensive for what I feel he is worth.

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What is everyone seeing in Njoku that I’m missing? From the draft til now has he been anything other than fast with decidely average receiving stats?


Can he even block? He doesn’t solve the issue we’ve been having at TE. It’s the same problem as Reed/Davis and he’s not even as good as they’ve been when healthy 

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