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On 1/2/2020 at 8:59 AM, Voice_of_Reason said:

I would just point out a few things:


1. Rivera took over a HORRIBLE 2-14 Carolina team which didn't have a QB, or basically any talent. The fact it took him a couple years to get the Panthers really good isn't that surprising. 

2. 3 teams went 10+ wins, and one 15-1 team which went to the SB. That's not bad.

3. The "Bill Belichick's" of coaching records are not ever going to be available.  There was a really small chance Tomlin with his .637 winning percentage might have been available.  But that's about it.  

4.  The other folks who are out there as NFL candidates all have worse winning percentages except for Mike McCarthy.  Marvin Lewis - .518, Mike McCarthy is .618, but that's a bit deceiving.  He took over a pretty damn good GB team and has coached Aaron Rodgers for his entire tenure.  Aaron Rodgers is not in DC.


He's a good coach who has a huge challenge.  I don't know if he's up for it, but unless they landed Riley or Meyer, he's probably the best former NFL coach available.  



Sorry -didn't mean to offend upset people - I'm out

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Rivera bringing up Redskins illustrious history - one of the original teams. 

Why did I choose the Redskins - not about the money - 1 reason: Snyder's perspective - common factor for winning is the coach centered approach.  

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3 minutes ago, SkinFanInMinn said:

Anybody willing to do a play-by-play for those of us stuck at work with all of the streaming sites blocked?  🤬

Dan said that the team will have only one voice going forward.  He said that it about winning and only winning

And the organization will be and run through a HC focus approach.


Ron said that it was a core reason why he choose the Skins.


Ron said that we have to and will do it the right way.  A player focus approach that predicated on disciplined on and off the field.


I love it!!



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Ron mentioned that Dan studied how the Patriots and Seahawks as well as other sustainable winning system function.  


One of the key delineators was that the teams were coach focus (Competent coach focus).


We have a competent, level minded, and focused coach.


I love it!!!

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