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1 hour ago, sportjunkie07 said:

Its not ridiculous. You just dont understand or agree with me.



Maybe you had previous posts that I had missed, I apologize. I was only responding to the statement that having a DE who can singlehandedly win 2 games a year (basically a unicorn) leaves us with nothing if Haskins busts. You still have a non offense player who can win you two games a year, and most likely are selecting high again next year. 


Of course there are arguments for trading out of that spot but I just don't think anyone is willing to give us the value it would require so its a nonstarter in negotiations, obviously if some GM ****s the bed and offers a ton you listen... but still players like Chase are extremely hard to find, one might even argue harder than aan above average QB

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The last jersey I bought was Reed. I almost bought a Williams like 2 years ago. It would join a closet of Cooley pro bowl 21 (still wearable), Portis (one of my favs but very over worn), Kerrigan, regular Cooley, Orakpo, rg3, and gasp! Landry. Wish I had that Archuletta jersey that was still full price on the store like 4-5 years ago (anyone remember that thread? One of my all time favs).


anyway, this may be the year for a jersey. 


When will they be available, and is 99 confirmed? 

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This would be the 4th straight year we spend a #1 pick on a DL.

Our entire DL could be #1's

It's like we're consulting John Lynch on how to draft.

But the really great thing is, unlike our previous pattern of #1 picks and drafts in general, that none of the previous 3 DL picks are busts or disappointments.

They all seem headed to living up to their hype.

2017 was a good year to start drafting well



1 hour ago, Skinsinparadise said:

Stay at 2

Grant Paulsen (he waffles a little though)



He was even 'waffling' on twitter on which team's mask to wear. lol




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9 hours ago, 98ORAKPO98 said:

If we trade the #2 pick I say boycott the Deadskins because that's what they'll be to me if that happens. Disgusting that this franchise has been around since 1932 and has only two top 100 all-time players. We have the chance to draft a hall of fame level talent, don't screw that up to trade for a bunch of scrubs. 




9 hours ago, 98ORAKPO98 said:

Yeah seriously, tired of the Redskins fielding scrubs when we could have had greats, now we have the chance to draft a hall of famer, don't F that up or forever be known as the Dumbskins.


I would trade #2 maybe for a teams next ten #1 picks. Maybe.

I wish we were watching this together in the old tailgate spot, so I could sneak crawl behind you,, so @ConnSKINS26 could shove you over me and you'd tumble down the hill into the bush, but I'm still more pissed at @Sacks 'n' Stuff for starting this stupid thread and if we don't draft chase, I'm gonna find you and **** in your car. Often.

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