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Game Day Thread - Redskins vs The Axe....errrr Cowboys

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8 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

My niece is going for.the cowboys..so can i..go cowboys beat the Redskins that we all hate beat Washington beat Washington 

What in the **** are you saying? First you ask if you can root for the Redskins, now you say “the redskins that we all hate”? That makes ZERO sense. 

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1 minute ago, OVCChairman said:

Just jumping in so sorry i am a few min late...hilarious that its week 17 and callahan says montez has been asked to drop into coverage too much


Yeah, he really wants to see him hand in the dirt.




I suspect our DC next year will run the exact same scheme.

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Just now, clskinsfan said:

Eagles/Giants game is just as bad. I really cant believe how pathetic the NFCE ended up being this year. Makes it even worse that we only have 3 wins.

Agreed.   What’s odd to me is that our strength of Schedule is higher than other teams outside of our division.  

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1 minute ago, alwaysaskin said:

Super tank unveiled today, those fourth down calls are the perfect tank


It would be so much more comforting if this performance were on purpose.


And watching Keenum run the option is like watching me reach for the top shelf.


I'm 5'7"ish.

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