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Who was the worse GM? Vinnie or Bruce?

Who was the worse GM, Bruce or Vinnie?  

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  1. 1. Simple question. Who was worse and why?

    • Bruce Allen
    • Vinnie Cerrato

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Bruce. And it's not even close.

Both sucked at running football ops, and Vinny was more of a yes man doing what Dan wants.


Bruce is that same thing and being unclassy furthermore. Guy is full of grudge as hell and always put his interests before the team just for the sake of winning an argument (see KC, Trent mostly). He's also unclassy at best, throwing almost everyone under the bus to him from the HC to the fans (see fans wanting top money from Fedex seats...).


As much as Vinny was a clown show, Bruce is pure evil and that title of Prince of Darkness he got from his Tampa days is absolutely not stolen and has carried over here. It will take more to recover from Brue's era than Vinny.

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In the end, Bruce. One could argue that Bruce got our financial house in order, but because of his disastrous player relations, bad trades, and repeating the same mistake with Donovan McNabb and Alex Smith despite his super-cheapness still leaves us in cap hell.

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With Vinny at least he never ran and hid from the media.  He'd get testy with what some folks (JLC) wrote but good or bad he'd get in front of the camera and tried to explain things without sounding like a politician.  Bruce only spoke when things were good, sent Doug out or left things up to jay when they were bad and then when he did take questions he ducked and dodged like a Senator who got caught using taxpayer funds for personal reasons.   

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I never thought I could be so mad and has the way Vinny treated free agency as a grab bag. But the way Bruce has signed underperforming low-cost free agents not done a great job and getting high impact draft picks multiple years. Screwing up the relationship with Shanahan and Scott mcluhan also bungling the cousins signing my apathy level is lower now than it has ever been and that's saying something for our franchise 

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20 hours ago, profusion said:

Assuming either of them did anything other than be racquetball and drinking buddies with Dan, then I rate Vinny as slightly worse. He took a team that in 1999 was on the verge of greatness and turned it into a laughingstock within a year. Bruce inherited a laughingstock with Zorn and achieved occasional bouts of mediocrity.

That sounds about right

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19 hours ago, SoCalSkins said:

Vinnie. Not even close. The mishandling of the cap, Jim Zorn hire. Attempt to trade 2 number 1s for Ocho Cinco. He’s lucky he had 4 years of Gibbs 2.0. Vinnie is a billion times worse. 


The record says otherwise.  Dont overthink it.

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I did this tale of the tape back in September.  I didn't update it, but as we've seen, there's not much that happened this season that would really help Bruce, other than picking Mclaurin.  The W-L record is even worse.




The tale of the tape:


Vinny (10 years at the helm)

W-L record: 72-88

Primary starting QBs: Johnson, Ramsey, Brunell, Campbell

Best FA/trade personnel acquisitions: signing London Fletcher, trading Coles for Santana Moss

Best draft picks: Champ Bailey, Jon Jansen, Lavar Artington, and Chris Samuels in consecutive years. Sean Taylor.

Head coaches: 5

Best head coach: Gibbs

Seasons with team in top 5 on offense or defense: 5

Single worst personnel move: Too close to call.


Bruce (10 years at the helm)

W-L record: 59-86

Primary starting QBs: McNabb, Grossman, RG3, Cousins, Smith

Best FA/trade personnel acquisitions: signing DJax, Garcon, Vernon Davis, Adrian Peterson

Best draft picks: Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff, Ryan Kerrigan, Jon Allen

Head coaches: 2

Best head coach: Gruden

Seasons with team in top 5 on offense or defense: 2

Single worst personnel move: The Kirk Cousins fiasco.  Because of the ripple effect across the organization.


Now, this is not taking into account the nuances of shifting responsibilities or delving into who was responsible for which draft pick or FA move (Snyder, ScotM, Gruden, Shanahan, etc), Snyder interference, etc.  So credit/blame isnt really cut and dried like this.  Dont jump down my throat over who was REALLY responsible for X, Y, and Z. This is just for fun.



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Looking at the stats for both Snyder GM's the results are about the same.

For Vinnie the 100 million debacle for Psycho Haynesworth, and for Bruce,  the operation of the Skins  front office and the undermining of office personnel like S. McCloughan   and going cheap on free agents. Other than that its pretty much a wash on who is or was the worse GM

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Outside of the 2004 draft, I can't think of a single draft with Vinny that didn't just end up sucking eggs. And I don't recall a single draft with Allen that was as stupefyingly abysmal as Vinny's 2008 catastrophe.


We also flushed draft picks down the toilet with regularity by trading them away while Vinny was here. We only had 3 draft picks in 2003 and 4 draft pics in 2004. Think about that lol...we only added 7 drafted players over a 2-yr span. I don't recall if Marty had anything to do with those picks being gone, but if not, that literally sabotages any ability to build the team up for sustained success. We should have been creating the future core of the team over that span...at least under Allen the team is being left in relatively good shape for the future, roster-wise. However, Allen mismanaged the team's player assets as badly as Vinny mismanaged the team's draft assets.


I'm not even gonna go into cap-handling comparisons...shouldn't need to. The days of continuously pushing salaries down the road via extensions to players who should have been released or traded have stopped, thank the football gods. However, our free-agent success rate was better while Vinny was here than while Allen was here. I think lol...might have to actually check that. But for now, I'm sticking with Vinny coming out on top there.


And Vinny wasn't just some bumbling doofus...he was every bit as conniving as Allen is alleged to be.


I'm giving the nod to Allen simply due to the shape he's leaving the roster in compared to the shambles it was in when Vinny left.

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I am extremely surprised that allen is winning over vinny.  i have to assume that this is a recency bias.  thinking of all the worst free agent signings, draft picks, and team performance...i can't see how allen is worse than vinny. the only thing i would concede on is that bruce created a more toxic environment...but the magnitude of dysfunction during vinny's tenure would've masked the toxicity. 

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