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Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

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12 minutes ago, BRAVEONTHEWARPATH93 said:

What are the benefits of winning this game? 


How would you feel if, in your profession,  you constantly walked into a steaming pile of **** day after day, and you were required to dedicate your life to it? Think about the low morale, panicked, ****ty supervisors, and overall Infectious stress.


Think about it for a second, then revisit your question. Winning something, anything, helps build a positive culture.


1. ) No one respond to this by saying "Well they make millions of dollars " . I will tell you to drink acid.


2.) Also, "Positive culture? LOLOL Snyder LOLOL" Yes, we may never win a super bowl with him, just like average Joe's job may never grace Forbes magazine covers, but things can still be better.


It's really not hard to grasp. We dont have to like it as fans, but it's the truth


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With all respect, hail to the Redskins (on offense) for being really gritty and giving it their all. The defense was pretty crappy all day. They had their excuses given who was playing in the secondary, but boy was that rush defense rough.


Best result possible given the state of the season.

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