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Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

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Just now, Gibbs828791 said:

I am starting to think he is just over dramatic more then anything...wrist..ankle...whats next

Haskins is honestly hated more than any QB I can recall recently. I wasn’t a fan of his initially but he’s making a ton of progress and I feel he’s a big piece next year

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We are going to have to address the Tackle positions this off season. If by some miracle we can get Trent to stay we should probably try to pull that off. I have actually been pretty happy with the play from the interior OL. A lot of the blitz pressures are bad coaching as much as bad playing. But Moses, Penn and Christian are some ass man.

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1 minute ago, Idaho fan said:

My question was directed at the commentator stating Haskins was getting ready to come back in when obviously it was going to be keenum.  

I don’t know what you are talking about friend.  


Read/miss read the comment to be directed to DH/or any player.


All good and apologies :)

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